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Forums - Sales Discussion - Your lifetime sales expectations for PlayStation 5?


Your lifetime sales expectations for PlayStation 5?

Less than 70 million 101 8.27%
70.0 - 79.9 million 48 3.93%
80.0 - 89.9 million 97 7.94%
90.0 - 99.9 million 136 11.14%
100.0 - 109.9 million 274 22.44%
110.0 - 119.9 million 165 13.51%
120.0 - 129.9 million 176 14.41%
130.0 - 139.9 million 51 4.18%
140.0 - 150.0 million 34 2.78%
More than 150 million 139 11.38%

After last week's Xbox Series X|S's poll, it's PlayStation 5's turn this time.

What are your lifetime sales expectations for Sony's upcoming console?


Bonus question: Assuming that Sony will eventually launch a new Virtual Reality headset for the PS5, do you expect VR to fare better in sales than it did on the PS4?

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I already answered in that last thread as the sales seem to be linked.

This is an extremely early prediction that will likely change as the gen moves on. If the market for PS/XB holds at ~170m.

I give it

PS5- 105m NA 35m EU+others 60m JP 10m
XB- 65m NA- 33 EU+others 30m JP 2m

Just a reminder that this is a simple estimate.

Bonus: No.

The last three generations, combined sales for Microsoft's platform and Sony's platform have been remarkably consistent. PS2X managed ~182 million. PS360 managed ~173 million. PS4XO are currently on ~162 million, with another decent-ish holiday and a final year of trickle sales to bring it between those previous totals.

It's an interesting pattern; it starts to look like there's a ceiling of 185-ish million for what you might crudely term the hardcore console market, and that the combined total will always finish within touching distance of said ceiling.

In the XSX/S prediction thread I went with a prediction of 68 million for the XSX/S. If the pattern holds and my prediction for XSX/S is in the right ballpark, then PS5 should finish in the range of 107-117 million. That's slightly less than what the PS4 will finish on, which seems reasonable given I expect XSX/S to put up a better fight against the PS5 than the XOne managed against the PS4 (but still way off parity).

I'll cast my vote in the 110-120 box.

90 Million if they bring all their exclusives to PC, which I am predicting they will do. 100-109 million if they keep at least a few games exclusive to PS5 for the console's life. 110+ million if they focused purely on putting games on PS5. No PS4 ports of HZD2 or Morales.

I said at least 90. Assuming they continue to get stiff competition from Xbox and Nintendo

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I voted 80-89.9m, but I might be too generous even with that prediction.  While some people will own multiple systems, the single system owners are going to mostly go to the Switch.  Those who are extremely price sensitive will probably go to some form of Gamepass, as will most Bethesda fans.  I think Sony's going to have a real hard time this generation.

Bonus: VR will probably do marginally better on PS5, but I don't expect it to ever go fully mainstream.

Bonus: No

120 millions, another time

I think it's going to do a bit better than PS4 - which should settle at over 120 million. 130-140 million total by the end of it's lifecycle.

100-120 mill.


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