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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Do you like Super Mario Sunshine?

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Super Mario Sunshine?

Yay! 40 66.67%
Nah... 11 18.33%
Never played it 9 15.00%

I live in Brazil. The GameCube was never very popular here, mostly because the Playstation 2 was a fever among gamers. So it took me a while to play Super Mario Sunshine. I knew the game existed, but the first time I played it was somewhere around 2011.

Anyway, I love Super Mario 64, so I was kinda excited to see what Nintendo could do with a more powerful console. Some of my friends said this game were almost as good as Galaxy (I hadn't played Galaxy either). But around the internet, I found some mixed reactions. While some people were saying this game was very good, others classified it as the worst mainline Mario game.

As for me... Well, Super Mario Sunshine is good, but personally, I like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy 2 better. However, using the water pump is actually very fun,

Your thoughts?

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I liked it very much. FLUDD is awesome, but the Piantas suck.

Second best Mario game, galaxy will always take the cake though. I think it is the best example of how an “open world” 3D Mario game should work

I'll probably put it alongside 3D Land in my 3D Mario ranking, that is to say they are my least favorites, but they are my least favorites among a group of masterpieces.

Despite some issues in collision detection more than anything, is still a fantastic game for me. And still fairly unique as far as Mario games go in setting, character design, etc.

Yeah. I enjoy it a lot. I think it could have done with more locale variety, and a few missions were pretty frustrating, but there's also quite a bit of brilliance there.

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I enjoyed it but I do think its one of the weaker entries in the series.

I love Sunshine. It was very unique, FLUDD was a fun mechanic, the levels were varied and memorable. Really wish there was a second one or at least a remake.

Not exactly my favorite in the series (even among the 3D iterations which I don't favor compared to the classic 2D games). Still, I would like to give it another chance at some point, as I just sort of blazed through it like 18 years ago, beat it, and quickly moved on without ever going back to it. Maybe if Nintendo ever gets on the GameCube Classic that'll give me an excuse to replay it.. Do it Nintendo!


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I enjoyed it quite a bit, the scenery always gives me nostalgia for Summer and Summer game levels alike.

I like it considerably more than 64, but not as much as Galaxy. I'd probably say that I like it more than Odyssey now that I think about it.