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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Will we be fooled again by a gorgeous trailer ?

It is always the same thing, every damn times when a new gen is coming, we have a fantastic trailer, then, when we compare what we have at the release of the game we see the reality and the gap. I think the N64 started this, with some incredible pictures of Turok, I can't find a better example earlier in the past.

I would say that Nintendo is the most honnest among the 3, still you all remember this trailer, which is way above the level of the final game :

Even in 2020, 6 years later on a Switch Pro, we would be completly blown away if Breath of the Wild 2 could reach this level (shown in 2014)

This is simply MARKETING, and it just works. If one does it, the two others are forced to do it as well to survive the competition.

I am sorry, I just feel they have done exactly the same thing with Hellblade 2, I absolutly don't believe at all that we will have this level of detail in the final product, the "direct visual gap" has always been smaller and smaller between "gen n" to "gen n+1".

Will you just answer me that I am wrong and this time, the trailer was really showing us what will be the real time graphics of the XSX and gen 9th ? Or you thinking the same as me ? I am wondering really, when I watch reactions here and on youtube, it looks like everybody is in deny and believe it without hesitation.

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When I see CGI I am out. If I see pretentious "in engine" but no gameplay I am out. Then most AAA dev when they do show "gameplay" it's usually bullshots and we wait for the downgrade. Few devs I trust with gameplay trailers anyway.

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Amnesia said:

This is simply MARKETING

That's often not really the case.  The main reason this happens isn't even the developer's fault.  Oftentimes they're very unhappy about doing it in the first place, especially when it pulls them away from actually working on the game.

What it usually boils down to is that they have to make a trailer for an unfinished game when they don't even know what it's going to look like in the end.  They're literally making an educated guess.  Why?  Well, really, because fans howl for trailers even when a game is still a year or more away from release.  Every E3, there are always, "they didn't even show game-play, what the hell," comments.  If you do show footage, however, then you end up with people yelling because it doesn't exactly match the finished product, even when disclaimers are given.  I've seen people complaining because the freaking shadows are different, much less anything else.  

So, yeah, it's going to keep happening.  That is, unless gamers universally learn to be more patient.  Heh.  

Hellblade II doesn't even look that much better than current gen games, so I see absolutely no reason why this wouldn't be the standard next gen.
Not saying the leap is small but certainly within the range I expected it to be.

The trailer is obviously in-engine, that means that gameplay will look a little worse (slightly downgraded character models for example or lower resolution) but considering the first Hellblade mixed in-engine cutscenes with gameplay seamlessly, most gamers won't even notice the difference.
So yeah, this is how Hellblade II will look like in every cutscene and considering the first game had a lot of them you will get to experience these visuals for a long time.

I fully expect multiple games to look quite a bit better than Hellblade II a few years into the generation.

It is not the intent of the developer to lie, but to give you a look at what they hope to achieve. Will Hellblade look like trailer? Probably not, but are we getting an idea of what could be possible with time and experience with next gen consoles? Yes.

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I will say this is the worst case of a developer setting the bar to high and then disappointing.

LOL...I was JUST JUST just thinking, while opening a new youtube page, that if DF had still not shown anything, this could mean that the trailer was bullshit and that there was nothing to comment.

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Strongest worldwide achievement on TGM : 1st European S13 rank
Fastest TGM3 MASTER in Europe : rank Master V in 5min10
Western record on TGM3 EASY : 1484
Current PB on Power Ranger (Game Gear) : 10min06 (World Record)

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Considering what they pulled off with the first game, I have no doubt this is close to what it'll end up as.


Actually there are other examples on how games build using high end GPU look different then games build using Xbox One and PS4 as baseline.

“Back Stage” Ray Tracing Tech Demo - Created By Luminous Productions"

Rebirth : Introducing Photo Realisme in UE4 using 1080 Ti

"Book of The Dead" using Unity run using GTX 1080

" The Heretic " GDC 2019 using RX 5700 (PS5/Xbox Scarlet rumored to have better GPU then RX 5700)

I still remember back in the day when someone doubt Sony PS4 run KillZone Shadow Fall. they said it was CGI or not in real time LOL. 

Remember doubter, technology move and there will be some new progresion. As the new hardware come there will always new tech and new rendering tech and standard.  

So new Hell Blade 2 trailer is indeed real time and in engine and the final games will look the same perhaps even better and probably Open World as well.

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