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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Where gaming will ended up with in the future, VR/AR or Cloud gaming ?

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What is the future of gaming

VR/AR 5 22.73%
Cloud 5 22.73%
Both 8 36.36%
Mobile 1 4.55%
No future for gaming, it's a waste of time 3 13.64%

So what is the future for gaming, where are we going end up with, what the future of gaming will look like? It's just for fun because human like to imagine that out of reach, human like to dream , what kind of gaming innovation you would like to see in near future and far future. 

General rules:

1. It can be one of them

2. It can be Both

3. It can be none of them but you need to mentioned what is the other alternatives and explained

4. Statistic data and research article would be help in argument so if you have the link feal free.

Let the discussion begin.

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Cloud is, unfortunately, here to stay, though earlier than I was expecting (I thought there won't be any major push for some 5 more years), but it is inevitable to overtake eventually all other forms of content delivery.

Not sure about VR, it is great and I enjoy it a lot, but it's maybe to early to tell - it has some really great potential once we hit fully wireless/ultra wide FOV/eyetracking-foveated rendering VR sets in mass market price segment, but it seems that for now it lost some of its initial momentum.

Further down the line, "direct injection" neural VR would most likely be massive and if anyone manages to make good volumetric display tech, I can see that giving birth to video game/board game hybrid industry.

Mobility. Go to the customer rather than having the customer go to you.

Technology gets smaller making it more portable and convenient. We're already seeing it with smart phones.

Mobile will continue to be the most popular form of gaming.

Cloud gaming will be the most prominent "hardcore" form of gaming.

VR will still be around and will be more popular than it currently is, but not as much as the other two.

VR will take over gaming. It will get to the point where big AAA games will take full advantage of VR and there wont be going back.

Cloud gaming will be first than VR.

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I think cloud gaming. AR may also play into the portable/cloud gaming sphere as you can actually use something like hololens or google-glass while crossing the road.

VR may dominate the home space along with more traditional gaming experiences.

Mobile, Cloud and Digital (PC) - That is it.

Mobile will be curtailed hard by tons of regulations sooner or later, though it will still stay as the biggest gaming market.
VR won't ever be accessible to a large public due to high entry costs and individual preferences.
Cloud won't become popular until internet providers get their shit together (which, considering games are going to become bigger and more demanding, they won't keep up the pace even if they tried).

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The future of gaming is as broad as gaming itself. Gaming is everything real in digital form, and as that is the case, gaming will continue to expand to be more accessible to all.

The future of gaming will be on all devices, local, cloud, flat screen, VR, AR, and more in the future.

The possibilities with gaming and devices are almost limitless. That is what makes gaming such an incredible medium. Anything you can imagine can be created in gaming through Hardware and Software.

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