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Forums - Sony Discussion - Best graphics on PS3


I choose...

God of War Ascension 7 10.29%
Uncharted 3 11 16.18%
The Last of Us 30 44.12%
Beyond Two Souls 3 4.41%
Killzone 3 3 4.41%
GTA5 5 7.35%
Other 9 13.24%

What do you think is the best looking game on Sony's last gen console, and what about its visuals really raises it above the pack for you?

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I'd say Naughty Dog's games: Uncharted 2, 3 and TLOU stand out as far as "realistic" looking graphics go, maybe Beyond Two Souls or Heavy Rain could enter that category as well. A lot of people say GOW3 is amongst the best looking ps3 games tho I dont really personally feel thats the case, even tho it def. looks great. 

However, my personal favorite, and the one that appeals to me the most is still Ni No Kuni because I find its art direction/style to be exactly everything I want in an JRPG, altough its gameplay is not as polished. 

Ratchet & Clank Future A crack in time.

That game looked like cgi to me at the time. The cut scenes probably were yet the game play looked almost as good.

GTA V for the amazing graphics and scope.

God of War: Ascension

This game is easily the best showcase for the system, and it was a great gameplay experience as well. The only problem with the game was having to follow up the events of God of War 3. The book was already closed on this chapter of Kratos's life, and they tried to go back to the well one too many times.

When it comes to visuals though, this game is the culmination of every trick learned in developing for PS3.

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Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us come to mind for graphical fidelity. Ni No Kuni for the Ghibli artstyle.

But I'll go with Persona 5 for the crazy menu animations, and art direction.

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The Last of Us is easily the most realistic, I still stand that the last scene of that game is one the most realistic moments in any game to date.

I would say God of War: Ascension is likely more advanced as far as how much technically impressive it is, tho.
Not only it looks stunning but it also has simply incredibly things going on.

Will vote for TLoU as far as graphics go, but GoW:A is the most impressive game from the PS3, IMO.


Don't think I've seen a game on the PS3 with better graphics than Final Fantasy 13.  Yeah, the game had issues, but graphics wasn't one of them.  In fact, I liked that most areas were well lit with bright colors.  Any game that is mostly dark or with lots of browns and greys does not have good graphics, IMO.

The other game that comes to mind is Valkyria Chronicles.  The art style was so unique when it first released that it really left an impression on me.