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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PS5 DualShock 5 will still have LED bar and touchpad

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Peter Rubin from the person who did an Interview with Mark Cerny and whose  in touch with PS5 Dualshock prototype, confirmed that PS5 controller will still have legacy features from Dualshock 4 which are Light Bar and Touchpad.

Probably my assumption is for backward compatibility with PS4 games and PSVR  ( Sony confirmed that PSVR will be able to run PS5 back on June) 

But we still don't know others details,  like how big the LED is and how efficient the touchpad will be for Dualshock 5.

So what do you think , do ever found the LED and the touchpad useful when it comes to playing games on PS4 or do you think it's cumbersome and not added anything (except for VR)?


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I have yet to use either of these features.

I wonder if it's actually possible to overload a controller with too many features in it now ... at least, I'm not expecting this one to be sold below 70 bucks

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Kind of expected. Hope they get better usage in the future. It took a while for them to figure out the right stick but now we can't live without it.

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Like, did ppl seriously expect otherwise?

There are games that are tied to the functionality of the light bar, and games that use the touchpad as an additional button prompt.
What is the solution to these games going forward if both features were stripped?

While I understand the criticism leveled at both features, I personally have had no real issue with either. That said, I do hope they are able to find better ways to design the features into the controller. Maybe making the footprint of both the lightbar and touchpad smaller? Options to turn off the lightbar in games that do not require them? Those seem reasonable enough to me.

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*poof* And the little hype I had for the PS5 is gone.

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Why wouldn’t they be?

The touch pad is a giant menu button in most games, feels absolutely great hitting it to pop open the map.

The light bar at a minimum is an indication that the controller is on.

I have never understood the issue people have with either of them. It seems to just boil down to the same old gaming culture disapproval of anything new.

The only thing that the DS4 has that is a real issue is the tiny battery. That is where the problem is, thankfully they have already confirmed they are addressing that with this controller.

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PS4 controllers will probably work with ps5. Only real changes will be haptic feedback and adjustable resistance triggers.

DS4 is my favourite controller so a simple upgrade is fine in my books.

Maybe I’ll finally get to know what they’re actually for.

Screw the touchpad if it's only for BC, people can use a DS4 for that.
Give it some good reason to be there.