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Forums - Sony Discussion - Horizon Zero Dawn has sold well over 10 million!

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On it's 2 year anniversary it has now sold "well over" 10m. What a fantastic success. The sequel on the ps5 will be truly mind boggling. Can't wait.

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Best game of the generation.

Amazing! Cannot wait to see what they do with the PS5.

Congrats to Gurilla Games. One of my favorit games this generation.  For me this is a game with best fighting mechanics in open world game. There is strenghts, there is strategy and there is patience.  This is the only game, that after 2 years after release I still come back for more.

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Very impressing the scores of the big Sony IPs on this gen. U4, Horizon, Spider-Man and GoW :)


Chinese food for breakfast


We diiiid it!

It makes me kinda sad to think I haven't played it yet. Looks really good.

Chinese food for breakfast


congrats and with digital we can understand vgc undertracking (although almost 40% off is quite huge). fantastic for a new ip.

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Amazing sales. Fantastic game and we'll deserved.

Also this is the first PS4 exclusive to have 10+ sales announced for it. While UC4, Spiderman no doubt reached that mark, and GoW might have already did or its on its way. Horizon is the first