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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Thoughts about Kingdom Hearts III? *Spoilers*

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I don't see any discussion on KH, I guess people are still playing it or haven't started but for the people that would like to share... Did the game live up to its expectations? What would you have done differently? Was it too easy? Overall, what are your thoughts? 

I feel like it was disappointing. Expectations were too high and it was ridiculously easy.



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It was fairly easy, but as someone invested in the lore and characters, I was pretty happy with it overall. Lots of great story moments, and they answered nearly every question asked while leaving a set of cohesive questions left over to justify the next title.

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Favorite keyblade: Ultima weapon
Least liked keyblade: Favorite Deputy keyblade from toybox
Favorite world: Frozen
Least Favorite World: San Fransokyo
Favorite moment: Getting the Ultima keyblade
Least Favorite moment: watching Kairi be just as useless as she's always been after spending the whole game supposedly training

Great game overall, just wondering why there isn't any Final Fantasy character, only played 1 and 2 and have forgotten pretty much the story told there, have almost all KH bundle except 2.8 and haven't bothered to play them yet, is there a reason why they're not in the game? Anyways, this is by far my favorite of the 3, only one I've completely gone for 100%.


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Need a proper difficulty patch, no attractions skill.
Overall strong game, liked the abundance of bosses and more engaging regular battles. It was also pretty long given you never get lost or need to go back to a previous sport, less "random" battles too.
The plot was more or less expected, but I guess I wasn't bored before the end of it.
Keyblade Graveyard was done perfectly and I recommend doing it in one go.