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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS5: Leaked Design And Technology [RUMOUR]

I personally doubt this but we can't entirely dismiss it:

Last edited by GribbleGrunger - on 08 November 2018


The PS5 Exists. 

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It is about that time when leaks will start to happen, so i am not going to dismiss anything especially since a lot of the PS4-leaks were correct

I'm sorry, but that render is so fake (and the design is so ugly). The guy just added a number 5 in Arial or something like that after the PlayStation logo. Next.


Yeah no way am I going to believe the design is ready at this time. The PS4 didn't have it's desgin ready by Feb of 2013, 9 months before its release.

Unless the console is coming next year (and probably *early* next year), I don't really believe this to be real. Did I mention that I seriously doubt it's coming next year?

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GribbleGrunger said:

I personally doubt this but we can't entirely dismiss it:

You can dismiss this quite easily. There is no way there is a design right now.

I'm curious. Why, exactly, can't we completely dismiss this?

Speaking of hardware, today I had some students arguing about whether the PS4 or Xbox one was better. I simply looked at them and stated, confidentially, Nintendo. They lost their minds haha.

Leaks have been very accurate in the past 2 generations.

When has Sony ever designed something so fugly? Only one that came close to being ugly IMO was the PS3 super slim. I'm calling fake