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Forums - General Discussion - VGC's Most Attractive User 2018 - Stage 1 - Round 6

Welcome to VGC's Most Attractive User Tournament of 2018! In the elimination process, you will vote for who you think is the most attractive user in the round.


1. Vote from your favourite to least favourite. 5p is full points, 1p is 1 point. Example:

5p - Juventus
4p - Atletico de Madrid
3p - PSG
2p - Manchester City
1p - Borussia Dortmund

2. One vote per round.
3. Must have over 100 posts.
4. No flaming or insults will be tolerated. Not even sly digs.

The 2 highest voted in this round will advance to Stage 2.

Round 5 results:

LipeJJ - 98 (he only missed 2 top spots. Damn)
xMetroid - 72
Wyrdness - 54
160rmf - 40
PEEPer0nni - 29

Users advancing to Stage 2:

Slarvax (omg)

Bet with bluedawgs: I say Switch will outsell PS4 in 2018, he says PS4 will outsell Switch. He's now permabanned, but the bet will remain in my sig.

NNID: Slarvax - Steam: Slarvax - Friend Code:  SW 7885-0552-5988

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5p- think-man
4p- Nymeria
3p- NintendoPie
2p- Olivernintentoal
1p- Farsala

5p - Nintendo pie - Who is this muscular, dashingly good looking man? Did NintendoPie pay someone to pose?
4p - Oliver
3p - Think
2p - Nym
1p - Farsala

5p - Pieman
4p - Nymeria
3p - think-man
2p - Oliver
1p - farsala

Another tough round x.x

this round is a tough one to decide

5p olivernintentoal
4p nintendopie
3p farsala
2p nymeria
1p think-man

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5p nintendopie
4p nymeria
3p think man
2p farsala
1p olivernintentoal

5p Nymeria
4p Olivernintentoal
3p think-man
2p NintendoPie
1p Farsala

I have to vote those 5? I don't get it

5p - think-man
4p - Nymeria
3p - Nintedopie
2p - Oliver
1p - Farsala

5p- Nymeria. Call me.
4p- Nintendopie. Call me.
3p- Oliver. *double wink*
2p- think-man. *wink*
1p- Farsala. *wink*