Forums - Gaming Discussion - Geralt is going to step out of the witcher series?, in which game do you want him to appear?

The Community manager of CDPR just posted this tweet:

What do you think? 

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He'd be perfect in Soul Calibur.

It's geralt.... Geralt..... Of fucking rivia

Put him im Mario Kart!

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Fighting games would be the obvious choice but the signs would haven't to be drastically changed and that is lore breaking...or maybe talented devs could implement them into interesting ways like have the mindcontrol have mess the opponents combo themselves. Actually nkw that I think about it all signs would work amazingly in a fighting game. ...holy shit ya, it'd be sick as fuck.


China Numba wan!!

Wright said:

He'd be perfect in Soul Calibur.

Yes. This.


China Numba wan!!

An unlockable character for the new Yoshi game?

He gonna pop up in upcoming Smash Bros.

But don't really care really. It's neat having characters in fighters like Soul Caliber and Smash, but otherwise I don't care about random inclusions in others. You know like the Nintendo costumes in Bayonetta, or Xenoblade costume in Breath of the Wild, ect.

Same for stupid pop up in a game, like say Red Dead Redemption if he was a random NPC for a random quest or something.

*Gary the metrosexual fruitcake would fit Smash Bros.


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