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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - MyNintendo Golden Points now usable on the Switch.

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Have you used your MyNintendo points since launch?

Yes, I kep getting cool stuff from them. 3 15.00%
I barely touched them since its launch. 5 25.00%
I don't use them at all. 8 40.00%
MyNintendo has points? 4 20.00%

Starting in early March, you’ll be able to spend any Gold Points which you’ve accumulated in My Nintendo when purchasing Switch software. You can pay for the remaining balance with Nintendo eShop funds, or any other payment method available in Nintendo eShop.

Finally, some actual use for the golden coin. This is certainly a useful feature to have, and also to push digital sales hard.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Can I use it to bribe Nintendo for a virtual console?

I haven't used mine at all so far, and have around 200 from Switch games over the last few months, so hopefully the conversation rate of points to money isn't going to be too stingy. Be good if they can be used for DLC, too.

EDIT: I have £2 from buying six retail games and 3 eShop only games. Thanks, Nintendo. By way of comparison, I have £10 in cashback from buying 3 Switch retail games through 365games. 

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The exchange rate 1 Coin = 0.01 € seems too low, if you compare it to their WiiU and 3DS offers. For example you could get Nano Assault EX for 60 Gold Coins (9.99 € in eShop) or Gunman Clive HD Collection for 40 Gold Coins (3.99 € in eShop).

However, if they continue with special offers like mentioned before and the 1 Coin = 0.01 € is just a bonus option I will be pleased.

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Got 250 goldcoins. The amount would be bigger, but I spend a lot of stupid stuff.

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I don't even know what golden points are.

I haven't logged into My Nintendo in a year, since the Switch launched. 972 gold coins. Going Digital has another perk, I guess.

Just took them a year

Probably nothing exciting though, judging from their past record, but I will give them the benefit of doubt

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I lose about 45 points on February 28