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Forums - Sales Discussion - September NPD 2017 prediction thread (yes, here we go again)


Which console will sell more

Switch 168 57.73%
PlayStation 4 115 39.52%
Xbox one 8 2.75%

As someone know, i had some real-life problem which made me leave this site and in general many internet sites for about a year or so. Since now it's over, i can doing my "prediction series" again, and of course let's start with NPD. Also thanks to Barney for update some months when i was not there.

That said, let's go.

Predict those console sales: Nintendo Switch; PlayStation 4; Xbox one

September is a 5 weeks month

Important release:



Possible hardware impact
- PlayStation 4 PRO Destiny bundle ($449)
- Weird stock situation for Switch
- Switch Splatoon 2 bundle (walmart exclusive) ($379)

Last month:

[NSW] 215,000
[PS4] 191,000
[XB1] 116,000


Last year:

[XB1] 333,000
[PS4] 285,000

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[NSW] 275,000
[PS4] 275,000
[XB1] 165,000

Welcome back!! I guess I'll predict:

NS: 180,000
PS4: 160,000
XB1: 120,000


PS4 250k > Switch 210k > XB1 150k > 3DS 100k

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Disclaimer: last time I participated in a prediction thread I finished last :p
[PS4] 280,000
[NSW] 275,000
[XB1] 175,000

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Jranation said:
PS4 > Switch > XB1 > 3DS

Now if you can add some numbers this prediction can be alright...

PS4: 250,000
NS: 210,000
XOne: 160,000
3DS: 110,000

Switch seems to be pretty high on Amazon for the month of September in the US out of the consoles so I'll go with;

[NSW] 245,000
[PS4] 235,000
[XB1] 155,000

Although stock seemed to be pretty low and the start of the month for Switch on amazon, but a walmart exclusive Splatoon 2 bundle came out in September.

You forgot Dragon Ball and One Piece for Switch

Ryng_Tolu said:

Possible hardware impact

- PlayStation 4 PRO Destiny bundle ($449)
- Weird stock situation for Switch

You could add the Splatoon 2 Switch Bundle there, though it's exclusive to Walmart.

I can see a virtual tie between PS4 and Switch, but PS4 winning in the end.

PS4 - 280k

NSW - 270k

XBO - 160k

Bonus: SNES - 250k

Bet with bluedawgs: I say Switch will outsell PS4 in 2018, he says PS4 will outsell Switch. He's now permabanned, but the bet will remain in my sig.

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