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Official Threads

Welcome to the List of Official Threads, this thread will serve as a hub for all the OTs on VGChartz so we can support, promote and track them all, along with making sure future reserved threads are tracked to avoid any complications. This thread can also be used to throw out any potential ideas you have or even request that an OT be created for a certain topic.


1. Make a commitment to work on your official thread, keep it maintained and up to date, make sure everything in your official thread is accurate. If none of these are met and the thread is being abandoned or has a poor lack of effort then requests will be entertained to create a new thread or take over the current one, especially if the topic is popular.

2. Update us if you change your mind on creating a certain OT in case somebody else wants it.

3. Once a Official Thread has been granted, discussion will sometimes be steered to that thread in rare cases when appropriate to contain thread spamming, particularly for hot topics (E.G. Your impressions on a certain film, show or game).

4. Requests for Official Threads have to be granted by a Moderator, your thread is not Official if it hasn't been approved by a Moderator and thus easier to be claimed by another user. Official Threads ran by Moderators require authorisation from another Moderator.

5. Please ensure it is stated, either in this thread or your own, which Moderator authorised the thread. In the event where neither party remembers then Moderators can re-approve a thread and likely will as long as it has effort put into it.

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Topic: Gaming Creator Approved By
VGShare: Screenshot & Gameplay Sharing Thread Raven Smeags
 Resident Evil 2 Remake |OT| CGI-Quality Ryuu96
Mass Effect: Andromeda |OT| Raven Miguel_Zorro
Tekken 7 |OT| Burning Typhoon Miguel_Zorro


Topic: Nintendo Creator Approved By
NintenDominion Raven Miguel_Zorro
The Legend of Zelda |OT| Veknoid_Outcast Axumblade
Pokemon |OT| Green098 CGI-Quality
Pokemon Go |OT| Iceland Raven
Xenoblade Chronicles |OT| Wyrdness
Nintendo Switch Third Party Society DreadPirateRoberts Miguel_Zorro
Nintendo Labo |OT| Curl-6 Axumblade
Official Super Mario Maker Thread Mike321 Leadified

Topic: Sony Creator Approved By
Playstation Nation Bristow9091 Ryuu96
Playstation Vita Thread Mugen  
Playstation Trophy League Arcturus  


Topic: Microsoft Creator Approved By
Xbox Empire Ryuu96 Raven
Halo |OT| Iceland Smeags
Gamerscore League Angelus Ryuu96
X Enhanced Database Iceland Ryuu96
The Xbox Game Pass Thread Barozi Ryuu96

Topic: PC Creator Approved By
Carzy Zarx's PC Gaming Emporium Zarx


Topic: Sales Creator Approved By
Hardware Adjustments Trunkswd N/A
Software Shipments Tips (coming soon) Machina N/A
Prediction League Kirby007 N/A
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Topic: Website Announcements & Feedback Creator Approved By
Website Development TalonMan N/A
The Moderator Thread CGI-Quality N/A
VGChartz Tutorial Thread Platina N/A
Database Tutorial Bisa N/A
Official VGChartz Supporters Thread Machina N/A

Topic: General Creator Approved By
Newcomer Introduction Thread SpurgeonRyan Axumblade
Manga Discussion Cloudman
Youtube Channel Sharing Miguel_Zorro N/A
"I've Got a Question That Doesn't Require a Thread" Moren Ryuu96
The LGBT |OT| Axumblade Ryuu96

Topic: Movies & TV Creator Approved By
Movie & TV Chat Spurgeonryan Ryuu96
The Box-Office Thread Mordred11 Ryuu96
Anime Discussion Thread Super_Boom Ryuu96
DC TV's Arrowverse |OT| Ryuu96 Raven
CW's Supernatural |OT| Ryuu96 Raven
The Official Arrow Thread Mr_No Ryuu96
The Expanse |OT| Ryuu96 CGI-Quality

Topic: Music Creator Approved By
The Official Heavy Metal Thread VGPolyglot Axumblade
The Official Game Music Recommendation Thread Platina Conegamer

Topic: Sports Creator Approved By
The Official NHL Thread VGPolyglot Miguel_Zorro

Topic: Politics Creator Approved By
US Election 2020: Democratic Candidates SpokenTruth Ryuu96
US Election 2020: Republican Candidates SpokenTruth Ryuu96
Official Thread of US Politics The-Pi-Guy Ryuu96

Topic: NSFW Creator Approved By
FurryChartz Raven Smeags
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Reserved Threads

Thread Creator Approved By
Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 30 July 2019

Tagging, I remember Smeags had a list before and that was pretty handy

NintenDomination [May 2015 - July 2017]

  - Official  VGChartz Tutorial Thread - 

NintenDomination [2015/05/19 - 2017/07/02]




Here lies the hidden threads. 

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Nintendo Metascore | Official NintenDomination | VGC Tutorial Thread

| Best and Worst of Miiverse | Manga Discussion Thead |
[3DS] Winter Playtimes [Wii U]

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Cool, my two OT's are in my sig (Will try and get headers for them soon )

Mike's doing The Flash OT too who's doing a OT for every single other show I watch? Need Black Sails, Ash vs Evil Dead, Fargo, Daredevil, Preacher, Stranger Things, The Expanse, Westworld, Series of Unfortunate Events, The 100, Legends, Etc.


Miguel_Zorro said:

- Please state in the official thread who authorized it, so we can trace it back in the event of dispute.

This is one that users sometimes forget, so it's good to remind them!


Tagged. My OTs are in my sig. Who knows I might get another one xD

Axum authorized my ps thread, no idea who authorized the anime thread 3 years ago.