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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Ultimate Pokemon Tournament Generations 1 - 6 Final Round!

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Approved by RavenXtra

Welcome everyone to the final round of the competition, out of 721 Pokemon only 4 remain. Your top 4 finalists! Only won will be able to claim victory. This is it winner take all! All 4 of these Pokemon have stories to tell in this competition and I feel like to make the final Special we should see how they all made it to this round.

Vote for all Pokemon like in the example below:

4p Wartortle
3p Charmander
2p Treecko
1p Bulbasaur

Vote for the who you believe should win this competition!

Previous Results:

1    #181 Ampharos    51
2    #134 Vaporeon     47
3    #448 Lucario         46
4   #148 Dragonair     36

We now move on to the Final Round!

#94 Gengar

Our first Entry is Gengar! Gengar started off his first round going up against Rayquaza and narrowly defeated rayquaza by 5 points to advance first in that group. He would then face off again against Rayquaza and Gallade in the 2nd round where he managed to defeat them both by a huge margin. Round 3 was one of Gengar's toughest rounds as he went up against fellow finalist Gardevoir, He narrowly defeated Gardevoir by 2 points in this round ending gardevoirs undefeated streak. In round 4 Gengar went up against fellow finalist Mewtwo and many tough Pokemon but defeated them in a landslide victory. In the semifinal round he want up against Jolteon, Lugia and Arcanine all of which had done exceptionally well to make it this far and he narrowly defeated Jolteon by 2 points to be the only Pokemon in the final round to have never lost. Will he leave as the Ultimate Pokemon for gens 1 - 6?


#150 Mewtwo

Our Second Entry is The Legendary Clone Himself, Mewtwo! In his first round Mewtwo Decimated his opponents almost doubling the amount of points 2nd place had gotten, however in round 2 Mewtwo found himself defeated by 4 points by Latios, a Pokemon that was eliminated back in round 3! In Round 3 however Mewtwo won round 3 by defeating the 5th Gen Pokemon that made it the furthest in the competition, Excadrill. In round 4 Mewtwo was Decimated by Gengar who beat him by almost 20 points, however mewtwo managed to claim 2nd place over Espeon and advanced to round 5. In round 5 Mewtwo went up against the odds against Umbreon, Greninja and Garchomp with Umbreon coming in as the favourite, to defeat the three of them in a Landslide victory putting him into the finals. Can Mewtwo Avenge himself by defeating Gengar and leaving as the Ultimate Pokemon for gens 1 - 6?

#282 Gardevoir

Our third Entry is non other the the top 3rd generation Pokemon, Gardevoir! In round 1 Gardevoir Decimated the majority of his opponents for an overwhelming win with over 100 points with his closest competitior being articuno who could only manage 95 points. In his second round, Gardevoir went up against the likes of Grovyle, Charizard and Swampert and managed to win in a landslide victory.  However in Gardevoir's toughest match throughout the entire tourney he was defeated by Gengar in round 3, even though he managed to score 93 points, Gengar had won with 95. In round 4 Gardevoir won in an overwhelming fashion leaving greninja to bearly claim 2nd place. In his 5th round, he defeated Typhlosion, Gallade, and Rayquaza to claim his spot in the final by a landslide. Gardevoir now has to face off against the only Pokemon who has defeated him in this competition, Gengar in the final round, can he overcome this wall and leave as The Ultime Pokemon from Gens 1 - 6?

#181 Ampharos

The final Finalist is the top 2nd generation Pokemon, Ampharos! Unlike our other 3 finalists who dominated their first round, Ampharos was in a tough first round against Lugia and Nidoking where he came third and was 6 points short of defeating Lugia who had won that round. In round 2 Ampharos had a landslide victory against Leafeon and the other participants in that match in round 2. In round 3 Ampharos defetaed both Grovyle and Tyrantrum who were knocked out in round 4 in a landslide victory to advance to round 4. In round 4 one of the most highly voted Matches, Ampharos defeated 2nd place Garchomp, Blastoise, Sceptile and many other Pokemon to earn his right to go to round 5. In round 5 Ampharos handily defeated Lucario, Dragonair and Vaporeon to earn its way into the final. After seeing Lugia, who was one of the two Pokemon he had been defeated by, lose to Gengar, Can Ampharos come back and leave as the Ultimate Pokemon frrom gens 1 - 6?


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Is this the best we can do? How did it come down to this? How arrogant can we be to presume to be able to decide which is the very best pokemon of all, and not include Scizor or Alakazam in the final round?

4p- Gengar
3p - Gardevoir
2p - Mewtwo
1p - Ampharos

Gengar aside, the rest are weak picks for a final 4 IMO. 


You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I've had the privilege of using all 4 of these Pokemon before, and I like them all a lot. However...
4p Gengar
3p Ampharos
2p Mewtwo
1p Gardevoir

Yea, I like gengar the most out of these guys as he fits my ideals a lot more than the other 3. It was really tough to choose between Ampharos and Mewtwo. Mewtwo is fast and hits hard while ampharos is slow and hits hard and I dislike slow Pokemon, but after playing through HG and X I have a some serious respect for him. Speaking of X is the guy I gave 1 Gardevoir. I greatly like gardevoir and his fairy typing helped me a lot, but compared to the other Pokemon in this round, He isn't in the running in my eyes.

Thanks everyone for voting in this competition and I hope I can entertain you again with another Pokemon competition in the new future!

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4p Gengar
3p Mewtwo
2p Gardevoir
1p Ampharos

Come on people, Gardevoir is simply Ok, it's not that great and Ampharos is awful, where is Blaziken ??

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4p Gardevoir
3p Mewtwo
2p Gengar
1p Ampharos

All but Ampharos are probably in my top 10 Pokemon, so this ain't easy. D:

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4p Gardevoit

3p Ampharos

2p Mewtwo

1p Gengar


3 of the 4 pokemon on the finals are favs of mine. What can possibly go wrong?

4 Gengar
3 Guardevoir
2 Ampharos
1 Mewtwo



Dance my pretties!

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At least one Pokémon I really like made it to the final round. It's hard for me to choose between the three others though, if I were to make a list of my favorite Pokémon they would all be around place 100.

4p Ampharos!
3p Mewtwo
2p Gardevoir
1p Gengar

4p- Gengar
3p - Mewtwo
2p - Gardevoir
1p - Ampharos

Weird final four, only Gengar belongs imo