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thatguymarco said:
topolino227 said:
It would be Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD, but i really dont know if i should wait for the 1.5/2.5 Remaster because i think you need to play that first to play it in the right order!? Can maybe a Kingdom Hearts fan tell me if i need to play 1.5/2.5 first and then Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD because i really wanna play everything in the right order and then i have no problem to wait until the end of march.

Yes. Do that. Please, do that.

Ok thanks for the help. Then i will play a lot of Kingdom Hearts in 3 months^^

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First game played? Halo 5. First game bought? I just bought six siege today..and the first game to beat is I'll finish up Titanfall 2

I just started a playthrough of Seventh Dragon III: Code VFD, so that's my first 'new' game of the year...even though it came out a few months ago technically. Only a few hours in, but I'm loving it so far. Great artstyle, and the avatar voice selection is probably the most insane I've ever seen in a JRPG.

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melbye said:
Looks like it's going to be Doom

Nope it was Super Mario Bros 2

Nothing to see here, move along

I've still got a backlog of games like Doom, Ratchet & Clank Remaster and Fallout 4, all of which I picked up Black Friday week. Beyond that I'm waiting to see what the Switch offers, may pick one up shortly after launch.

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My buddy just gave me The Last of Us Remastered. So, that will probably be my first game, maybe starting tomorrow. After that, I'll probably go to Watchdogs 2.

Last Guardian, and getting a Platinum trophy in Final Fantasy XV.

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My first game played of 2017 is FFXV.

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