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It would be Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD, but i really dont know if i should wait for the 1.5/2.5 Remaster because i think you need to play that first to play it in the right order!? Can maybe a Kingdom Hearts fan tell me if i need to play 1.5/2.5 first and then Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD because i really wanna play everything in the right order and then i have no problem to wait until the end of march.

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My first game is Archibald's Adventures, it is wonderful puzzle platformer, I have it on PC/PSP/PS3

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Well, I just bought Final Fantasy XIV a couple of hours ago. As to what games I played first this year, it's either osu! or Final Fantasy XV. And I'm not sure which game I'm getting in 2016 I'm going to play first, but FFXIV seems like a decent bet.

Whatever game that comes to the Switch.

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Resident Evil 7, than probably Tales of Berseria, and than Horizon Zero Dawn. I know I'll end up buying more though lol.

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Can't remember the release windows, just know the first few months are gonna be expensive.

halo wars 2

So the first game I have played this year was FIFA 17 (with friends at night). Personally I'm playing Skyrim now. And will continue to play it in new year.

Tales of Symphonia...

...not feeling it. I dislike it so far, let's see if it gets better later on.

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Final Fantasy XV. Got it for Christmas and am finally gonna start playing it soon.