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Forums - Sony Discussion - The Order: 1886 Part II. Will it happen?

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The Order: 1886 Part II. Will it happen?

Yes. 19 50.00%
No. 18 47.37%

The Order: 1886 Part II. Will it happen?

So, I just finished The Order on the PS4.

It is not good, but it is not bad either.

The world is interesting and the game is super promissing, but lacking in a lot of aspects;

It promisses a lot but underdelivers, but it is beautiful in some way.

I wish it had RPG features, like Exp, levels.

I wish it had a open world;

I wish it had optional co-op, would be fun.

So, do you guys think SOny will ever give the devs a second chance?

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Knack 2 is happening.Anything is probable now.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

With the things that were announced at PSX, it's looking plausible.



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It sold decently so who knows. I never played the game, but I did like what I saw of it.
If a content rich game set in that world was made I think it would sell quite well.

Lets hope Sony understands this... was The Order 1886 just a demo?
A full priced demo...

according to these articles.

Weerasuriya: “It’s definitely built into the IP,” he said. “That future is already something that was built from the very get go – from the first day we started working on it.”

the IP is owned by Sony, I don't think they'll give it up that easily. plus i like it, I hope they make a part 2.

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I really hope so. It had a great style, some great music, and an interesting world (partly) built up, but they went up their arse on their story-telling obsession

They need to give it to someone other than Ready at Dawn, and I don't think they are available anyway. Make it a longer game, make bigger environments that have interesting side-areas with hidden story elements and gear upgrades like games like Wolfenstein and Bioshock do, improve the A.I, tell the story more organically without taking control away from the player constantly, feature more interesting guns like that energy/laser one, whatever it was.

I know a game like this will have a bigger budget, but if they are giving Knack a second chance, Sony may as well do the same here

Nautilus said:
Knack 2 is happening.Anything is probable now.

That is a fair point.

What does a post Knack 2 world look like?

Is this the darkest timeline?

In my opinion it doesn't need to happen. It's not like knack where sony doesn't have a ton of 3d platforms so a sequel is worth a shot for the sake of diversity. They already have a cinematic cover shooter franchise and it's successful and reviews well so I don't really see a reason to bring back what feels like a weaker version of uncharted.

I doubt so. It would be too costly unlike Knack 2 and I'm fairly certain they overshipped the first game so sales were definitely below expectations. I really hope so though because I enjoyed the experience a lot and it really wouldn't take a lot of edit to make the sequel much better.

I thought it was a good game, really enjoyed it for what it was, but that's because I went into it with low expectations after seeing everyone rip it a new hole, lol.

Just one thing I'd like to say, which I see crop up a lot when people make requests for sequels;

Not all sequels, or even games for that matter, need to be open world.

If a sequel were to follow suit I'd want it to play in a linear cinematic style much like its predecessor, sure people didn't like the lack of gameplay, but it was a very cinematic game, and I think it was the best way to tell the story, and if anyone (Ready at Dawn or anyone from Sony) decide to carry it on, I'd like to see it done in a similar fashion