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Arent's sales for this game amazing?


what Am I reading here?


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You should look up the word "sarcasm"...

Is this a necrobump? The post is recent, but the article is from 2009. Is that an April Fool's article? A troll article? What am I supposed to get?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I dont get it either... 2009 was along time ago.

Fedfed is mocking the industry experts and arm chair quarterbacks that constantly demand Nintendo do "insert whatever" in order to be successful. Specifically with regards to the Mario property.

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The blog post is a sarcastic response to the logic that was used everywhere before the game released. In hindsight everyone will tell you that it was obvious that NSMB Wii would become a big success, but leading up to its release, the conventional wisdom was (talking about VGC posts here):

- NSMB Wii wouldn't stand a chance against Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
That's just a sample to show that I am not making up things. However, despite remembering that one particular thread, it still wasn't quick to dig it up. Search engines aren't particularly good at bringing up results from forum events that date back more than five years, so it's more or less a lost cause to provide more evidence without wasting a whole day.

- There was also a sales battle for Japan: NSMB Wii vs. Final Fantasy XIII. The same logic applied here: "Super Mario Galaxy sold just over a million copies and that's a 3D game. NSMB Wii is a lesser 2D game. Final Fantasy games usually clear the 2m mark comfortably, therefore this is going to be an easy win for Square-Enix." - In reality, NSMB Wii opened with close to 1m copies sold in Japan and three weeks later (when Final Fantasy XIII released), it was basically already a done deal that FF had no realistic chance anymore.

- What also played into the narrative that NSMB Wii wouldn't be a big success (read: there was no way it was going to have higher lifetime sales than Super Mario Galaxy) was the fact that the Wii had ceased to be sold out in the USA by spring 2009. People rejoiced that the market finally woke up and that the fad was over.

But in summary, the blog post targets the conventional wisdom of the video game industry where things of the past are declared to be outdated concepts and the obvious counterpoint is ignored. That counterpoint is that the industry itself put an end to such things, it wasn't the market's decision to make such things gone. Back in December 2009 when the blog post was written, NSMB Wii was just the latest example to prove the aforementioned counterpoint correct.

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