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Forums - Sales Discussion - March NPD 2016 predictions thread

March is a 5 weeks month.


Important release


Possible hardware impact:

- XB1 Official (temporaney) pricedrop $349 > $299
- XB1 Bundle The Division ($399)
- XB1 bundle Quantum Break ($299)

Last month:

[PS4] 405,000
[XB1] 248,000
[3DS] 175,000
[WIU] 69,000
[PSV] 19,000

Last year:

[PS4] 330,000
[3DS] 263,000
[XB1] 229,000
[WIU] 83,000
[PSV] ?

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[PS4] 375,000
[XB1] 240,000
[3DS] 135,000
[WIU] 65,000
[PSV] 15,000

PS4. 410k
XB1 240k
WiiU 65k

PS4- 380k
XB1- 300k
Wii U- 80k

PS4 - 395k
XBO - 230k
Wii U - 68k

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What about MLB 16 The Show ? isnt that a march release?

Isnt that a semi important release?

this guy is missing form those listed:

PS4. 390k
XB1 280k
WiiU 70k

Check these hilarious commentsFunny Comments and replies

PS4: 385k
XB1: 265k
WiiU: 85k

PS4: 395k

XB1: 235k

WiiU: 65k


XB1 on Amazon hourly list has been dropping and staying down, on that list for too long for my likeing.

Same thing with the Wii U. PS4 seems to be doing really well meanwhile.

PS4: 385k
XBO: 220K
Wii U: 55k

[PS4] 375.000
[XB1] 190.000
[WIU] 66.000

[3DS] 80.000
[Vita] 55.000

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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