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So in this thread, we're going to talk about Souls experiences and gush excitement about the upcoming Souls games! Join me!


So, it's no secret that I love the Souls series. I've got Platinums in all but Dark Souls 1, which I intend on getting as soon as I can get my Souls buddies to hunker down on it with me. I've also been doing research on Lords of the Fallen, as it draws a lot of inspiration from the Souls genre. EITR as well as garnered my attention, as it has combined my appreciation for pixel art and Souls into a single package.


My most anticipated game right now, though, it Ni-Oh. It seems to draw a lot of inspiration from Onimusha (+1 point), while playing in a very similar style to Demon's Souls (+1 point). It's got Akira Kurosawa's name attached (+1 point), and it seems to be a system-selling exclusive for PS4 (+1 point, but I understand those who disagree). It's shaping up to be an absolutely gorgeous game, and I hope they get the vague story-telling of the Souls series properly implemented in there.


So what about you guys? SHARE!

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The first Dark Souls is one of my favourite games ever made. I picked it up completely blind (I had read months earlier about Demon's Souls, which sounded extremely interesting, but couldn't play that one since I had a 360, and thus I knew this was on a similar vein apparently), and fell in love with it. Despite all the pain and the annoying moments, I couldn't help but keep going back to it.


My greatest moments:

· Beating Orstein & Smough.

· Learning how to properly parry. Took me some tries and a gazillion souls.

· Discovering that with heavy armor comes awkward rolls.

· Burning in my mind the dungeon design. Seriously, the dungeon design of this game is exemplary.

· Finding out about that secret door behind a chest that's behind a secret door. A friend told me about this, but I don't feel bad not discovering it by my own.

· Defeating that backstabber friend who takes away the soul of a silent lady.

· Making it through the invisible dungeon!

· Almost everything was a great moment, tbh.


My not-so great moments:

· The ending felt like Miyazaki punching me in the face. Then laughing while I was crying and spitting blood.

· Receiving damage before facing Nito. That is a retarded gameplay design.

· All those noob deaths. Looking back to it (and how I play now), how could I be so dumb?

· Losing one million souls. Why didn't I level up earlier? I dunno.