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Lara Croft
Nathan Drake
Chris Redfield

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Mario, Link, Shulk, and Ness

sborwege said:
honestly anyone who doesn't put Mario in the 4 should be banned for trolling.... Master chief and Drake would be the only sony/Microsoft characters I'd consider. People need to stop naming their favorites, and realize what Mount Rushmore is trying to represent.

Mario, Pac Man, Sonic, DK

Again this is opinion. Not everyone likes Mario

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Mario, master chief, Isaac from golden sun... Hmm.. Raynor.

Balthier, Caius, Ocelot (MGS3) and Big Boss.

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Although clearly different than what the OP intended, I'll go ahead and post my choices based on my thoughts when I read the title:

Baer, Bushnell, Miyamoto, Kutaragi

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alternine said:
illdill1987 said:
Uhh Mario, Link, Samus and Donkey Kong anything else is just stupid. There is not a game today that doesn't take some inspiration from one of those games.

This is all opinion man. Dont go calling peoples opinions stupid. Besides not everyone likes the characters you named. 

I am not saying people have to like them. The presidents on mt rushmore are up there because of what they did for the country weather you like them or not the 4 characters I listed did the most for gaming. I guess I didn't understand the point of this I didn't realize you wanted us to just name our favorite characters.

Crash, Ratchet, Jak, and Spyro

For real life people I would say Miyamoto, Gaben, Kojima, and Kutaragi

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Kat (Gravity Rush)
Millia Maxwell (Tales of Xillia)
Lenneth Valkyrie (Valkyrie Profile)
Aya Brea (Parasyte Eve)


Rorona, Yorda, Neptune... And as usual I have trouble picking the last one, maybe Ratchet? I'd have to think long and hard about it