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I didn't think it was possible, but they somehow made the garbage that is modern Mario Party even worse, all while dragging Animal Crossing down with it in a game you can't even play without an amiibo for each player for some dumb reason. I'd probably be banned if I gave my full thoughts on the game, so I'm asking for everyone else's instead! Also I didn't embed the video so you can go see how many dislike it's gotten.

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Stupid Very Very Stupid

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I think it's amazing. I don't even have to buy the game; I get all the entertainment I need reading people...ah..."discuss" it online.

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The graphics are ripped from the 3DS game, just with some anti aliasing and slightly better textures. They should have made a real Animal Crossing game instead.

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The fact that we don't even have an AC game on Wii U yet just makes this pathetic.

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The first comment:
Wii Party U: I'm mad. Mario Party 10: How could you. Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival: You're officially THAT guy.


BTW, I was laughing during the presentation. This is the Nintendo you asked for. Keep buying your amiibos.

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You have to use Amiibo's?

Amiibos are like the next tier of DLC

Cash grab. Nothing more, nothing less, just a cash grab. Amiibo are guilty of this.

Hell my Animal Crossing Amiibo idea was much better than this game and I only had a few hours to think of it.



Quite disappointed. Was truly hoping for an Animal Crossing game like new leaf. It seems Nintendo really wants people to buy the amiibos using different methods. I am all for product promotion, but not in this instance.

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