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Did you like the Doom trailer?

YES! 46 66.67%
NO. 12 17.39%
Sort of.. 11 15.94%

Just saw the Doom trailer and i am very impressed with its direction. Looking forward to this game, this is probably worth a PC upgrade for me.

Any one not happy with what they saw?

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Trumped Fallout 4 for me with ease.

Gonna buy it, gonna need a new computer first though. Cant play these games on console

The atmosphere in hell was fucking awesome. Can't wait for this game.

cant wait

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Day one.

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Day one.

But I wasn't impressed with what was shown to be honest.

Dislike the super solider angle.

Otherwise looks pretty sick.

It looked meh. No reason for me to buy it but will play it when it's free on PS+.

probably a bit of an improvement to "80% of the time enemies spawn behind you" Doom 3 design, but I would have liked to see some more puzzle elements and I couldn't tell wether the lvls are very linear again or have a more complex design this time

graphics are good, but I can see the factory stuff get old really quickly, so some diversity would be appreciated (btw orange e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e)

Gibs... how i missed them..


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