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Yes if you like a great exclusive games and a family guy type.

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Thank you for all the replies guys. I've decided to supplement my console collection with a Wii U as soon as my finances permit. Probably not in April or May, but very possible for June. I really want to play some Mario stuff and finally give Zelda its proper due, so I'll be getting the console as soon as possible.

Depends on who you are I guess. For me, the library of games and the cost of the console make it worth holding off for a while for more games to release and the console price to come down.

Still, got some great games on there for Nintendo fans and with a new Zelda and Xenoblade coming I may just be tempted sooner rather than latter.

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It is definitely worth it but if you are still on the fence simply wait for a sale or price drop. Hopefully E3 says something.

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Imo, Smash Bros and MK8 are worth it alone.

Mario 3D World and DKC: Tropical Freeze are great too.


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The real question is... are you worth owning a Wii U? Meh, that came out bad. :|

I got mine when the Wind Waker HD bundle came out (I LOVE Wind Waker), and I've never regretted my purchase.

So yes, I'd say it's worth it.

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I'm waiting for a real price cut for the deluxe. No buy until sub $200. Even then there are only a few games I would buy for it.  Less than 10, which barely makes it a worthy buy.

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Yes it's very worth it. The games should be enough motivation to get it.

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