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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Amazon US April monthly bestsellers and general Amazon based discussion

Geez, you're an impatient bunch aren't you?  Once again, monthly still isn't up, but discussion goes here now.




Current monthly rankings:

PS4: #41 and #96

XBO: #42 and #52

WiiU: #62

Current yearly rankings:

PS4: #8

XBO: #13

WiiU: #55

Amazon "archive":




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As the usual i'm first.



1) #2 PS4 Batman Edition

2) #8 PS4

3) #24 PS4 +TLOU + Blood

4) #36 XBO AC U

5) #55 XBO MCC

6) #75 Wii U Mario 3DW

Week 1

PS4: #16

XBO: #34 & #63

WiiU: #47

Week 2

PS4: #67 & #80

XBO: #47 & #60

WiiU: #58

Week 3

PS4: #63

XBO: #48 & #59

WiiU: #58

Week 4

PS4: #22

XBO: #15 & #58

WiiU: #70

Hourly charts explained

I've seen some confusion about what we refer to as the hourly charts, so I'll explain how they work.

The hourly charts are not actually the bestselling products from the last hour. What it really is, is the bestselling products from the last 24 hours, but updated hourly. This is why things don't fly around the hourly charts all the time, but it instead changes gradually. 

The green and red arrows also work based on the last 24 hours. The arrows have no direct correlation to sales, but instead illustrates the change in positions relative to their ranking 24 hours ago. 

took your punk ass long enough

JK, look forward to another weird discussion

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Are the amiibos sold out yet? :P



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Teeqoz said:
Ryng_Tolu said:

As the usual i'm first.


Dammit, I hadn't reserved all the posts I needed yet.

Sorry man. xD

MKX yessssssssssss!

everybody love the ps4, this console is in every country number 1. (sales)

in the usa too. the amazon bestseller-charts are awesome for the PS4.