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Here's hoping that Bloodborne maintains its sales at a good rate.

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The PS5 Exists. 

It amazes me that Ps4, whit 2 bundles and a stand alone console, have #2 and #8 place, and far below the lowest Ps4 bundle, at #24, you will find X1 at #36 that is the closest to the PS4...

Amazon is a good thermometer to measure the sales situation in the US, it shows that the Ps4 is dominating with ease ... the thing is .. with the Ps4 domain easily in the US, imagine the rest of the world! The PS4 is walking the path of the original PS and PS 2, if things continue like this, I predict 50% of market dominance this year ( or half 2016, since Ms will win hlodays in USA) and 55-60% by the end of 2017. (perhaps half of 2018).

GoTY 2022:


Bloodborne's still killing it. I'm really interested to see how that translates when NPD releases.

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