Why you shouldn't lend your PSP to anyone.

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Oil near bed? I can only think of vaseline or KY.

Satan said:

"You are for ever angry, all you care about is intelligence, but I repeat again that I would give away all this superstellar life, all the ranks and honours, simply to be transformed into the soul of a merchant's wife weighing eighteen stone and set candles at God's shrine."

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I don't lend anything to anyone when it comes to electronics

At least you got a brand new PSP
My problem is that I have 1 or 2 dead pixels (they are green dots on screen) with my new PSP slim and lite

I never lend a handheld or console.
But I do lend games.
My least favorite games.

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Maybe this will be the start of a great friendship ... or it means that you have to upgrade to a s&l :P

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Last time i lent a game out, was on the super nintendo the box can back with a dent in it and i have never lent a game out to anyone apart from my 1 friend who i know is as carefull as me with games.

You must never ever lend anything of value to you to anyone because they don't give a damn about your treasured items.

The only person you can trust is yourself.

Auch =/ Lucky my gf takes good care of it.

Yeah someone already asked me to borrow my PSP and I had to say no, I just couldn't give it.

stclam said:
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She is a very pretty asian girl. She has an innocent look about her. I don't think anyone here could have resisted her plea to borrow the PSP. If you could...then you have no penis.


I blame my need to have sex with girls. It's a horrible weakness.


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