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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So uuummm.... Sir Galahad vs Marcus Fenix

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Which do you prefer?

Sir Galahad! 10 32.26%
Marcus Fenix! 11 35.48%
Nathan Drake, clearly! 8 25.81%
That guy from Quantum Break? 2 6.45%

The main character from The Order: 1886 vs the main character of the Gears of War series. I know The Order isn't out just yet, but it's release is upon us. Which character do you think will be more badass?

This is more or less just a fun little team thing, like that Team Edward/ Team Bella shpeel we saw with the Twilight films.

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I went for that guy from quantum break in the poll, but you're asking about Galahad and Fenix, for now I'm leaning towards Marcus as I don't know much about the enemies in The Order.


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Hard to say. I definitely don't expect The Order to have the snappy, fun dialogue of Gears. A lot of Fenix's appeal is how all this crazy shit is happening around him and he acts like he's just having a bad day at the office.

On the other hand, I am a sucker for Le Morte d'Arthur. I hope this Galahad lives up!

Galahad and I'd explain why but it's a spoiler ;( you'll have to wait

I agree on both counts. It would be interesting if The Order becomes a mainstream franchise that holds up well against the success of Gears, and we see something like a Death Battle between theses two characters in the future.

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Roronaa_chan said:
Galahad and I'd explain why but it's a spoiler ;( you'll have to wait

 And you just totally perked my interest, but thank you for keeping it to yourself. :)

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i hope Galahad turns out a badass, but since i dont really know much about the character (and neither about marcus fenix) i dont feel like giving a proper answer so Drake will be my pick.

Ivan from Devil's Third. Duh! He's Russian, making him 10x more badass than either of them.........

One is a Victorian-era gentleman, other is a dudebro. I think I'll pick the gentleman.

The playable Inkling from Splatoon. Paintball FTW!

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