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Hello fellow VGchartzers!

I quite recently got in the SMT series by finishing Shin Megami Tensei IV which I absolutely loved. I also bought Persona Q which is a fantastic game. However, I'd like to play Persona 3 and 4 before diving deeper into it. I have found Persona 3 for my PSP, unfortunately, Persona 4 never released in Europe, and I don't want to buy a PSVita just for P4 Golden.

I tried setting up a US account on my PS3 and downloading the PS2 version, but PSN won't let me complete the transaction (really Sony?). So, is there any way to actually play PS4 without me spending a shitload of money (I just bought a New Nintendo 3DS along with the aformentioned games + Pokemon)?

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If you wanna play p4g, the vita version is the best version, so either get vita/vitatv/borrow a vita
If ps2 classic, dunno.. Buy a cheap ps2 and p4g, can't cost more than 20 bucks I reckon

Persona 4 is not released on PS2 here in Europe, as I said in the OP, and the PSVita port is my last resort, as it would be quite costly...

Persona 4 on PS2 definitely released in germany.

PSTV is quite cheap, and you get access to a lot of other good games as well.

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Hmmmm... really? I can't seem to find it anywhere here in Greece (even online), and it's not on the European PS3 shop.

It came out in Europe but it's published by Square Enix apparently. It's a pretty cheap game on Amazon, perhaps you can import a copy from the UK or something?

I really didn't know about PSTV. But with a new Vita as low as 160Euros, paying 100Euros for it seems too much. I guess I'll have to either track down a PS2 copy or get a second-hand PSV.

Is there no way to download the PS2 version to my EU PS3? :/

P4golden is the best version man, i can't think of a reason not to get that and it also has trophies. The cheapest route for p4g will be to get a pstv i guess.

There are numerous copies of Persona 4 for the PS2 on the UK Ebay that post worldwide. Your looking at around £15-£20 for it though (20-25 Euro)

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