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Forums - Gaming Discussion - LittleBigPlanet remake of Final Fantasy 7 by RAF_ARCH

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Do not lock this thread, not a duplicate thread praising the 131 crappy levels of that one Final Fantasy 7 remake, but the jaw dropping levels of RAF_ARCH which went overlooked having 1000 or less plays each.  LBP has over nine million levels which end up making a ton of great levels overlooked.  These are some of the best levels on LBP2 that you've probably never played.  Sadly there are only four, he never continued with the levels.

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Wow those look amazing.

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These levels look incredible.

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Wow that is pretty amazing, I'll be sure to check them out.

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That is beyond impressive.

This is why I love LBP. I absolutely frickin love it.

thats awesome makes me want to buy lbp on my ps3


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that looks great!

When I get LBP3, I'll definitely play that.