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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Rumour: Resident Evil 2 remake/remaster to release September 2015

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While news of a Resident Evil remastered gave us a pleasant surprise, some devoted fans have discovered something much bigger. According to this forum post, Resident Evil 2 HD is also happening and will be released September 2015. One user managed to take a screenshot of the webpage.

Though the the links are down, others were able to validate this as real. Adding to that many other users have discovered a listing on Amazon as well, retailing for $60. Links to that page have also sadly been removed. Personally I'm not quite sure if this legit at all. The graphics seems very cheezy and can easily be made in 10 minutes using Photoshop. Still the idea of having an RE 2 remake has been requested a lot by fans and seeing as how RE 1 is getting the remaster treatment, I don't see why 2 doesn't get one as well.


Also, this was spotted on Amazon

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RE2 and 3 remakes would be amazing. But it sound more like a remasted like RE1 is getting... and RE2 are 3 and too old for things like this... they need remakes!
RE2 were also being remade by fans weren't it? I'm almost 100% sure that picture above is their work.

Should have packaged both games together IMO

poklane said:
Should have packaged both games together IMO

Should have, but this way they get more moneys.

I'll take this with a huge boulder of salt, but it would be a much better use of Capcom's resources than the upcoming GameCube port.

Resident Evil 2 was the first RE game I played, and I love it to death. A remake, especially one with new rooms, areas, and voice recording, would be more than welcome.

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So fucking fake... but if it is true I'm totally buying a PS4 for that. I don't care how much of a Nintendo faggot I am, I will buy it.

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Hopefully this is true, because I've been waiting for a HD remake of RE2 since fucking forever!

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Worst photoshop ever..


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Well, this is new.


Would make sense for them to do a remake/remaster of all the early RE games. Maybe when they are finished there they can have a clear direction and clean up a lot of the mistakes made with RE6 when they put out RE7.