Should the next Nintendo handheld console have the 3D element?

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Should the next Nintendo handheld console have the 3D element?

Yes, please... I love it! 53 23.98%
No!!! Absolutely not! 48 21.72%
In my opinion, the 3D ele... 71 32.13%
Just give me the 2D/3D slider. 49 22.17%

When 3DS launched, a lot of complaints came up to the surface because of the 3D perspective. The sales were quite low and recently, also Nintendo launched 2DS a cheaper handheld version without the 3D effect. All in all, is the 3D screen an important aspect for you in order to buy Nintendo's next handheld?  

Next handheld with 2D or 3D? 

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As long as I can turn the 3D effect off, I dont really care.

You know, I like the 3d on the 3ds a lot and the reason is that I dont have to wear glasses. Granted, it can be finicky but it is an awesome experience if u get used to it, specially during the cutscenes

But with that being said, if it increases the cost of the handheld which instead can be spent on say, hardware performance, then I would rather have that then 3d


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If they're concerned about costs, then they should get rid of it. Otherwise, it'd be a nice little thing to keep, especially if the next system will be backwards compatible with 3DS.

Nope, the next Ninty handheld will be called the 4DS and will have fancy 4D!

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I really don't like the 3D part of it and if it would be cheaper without then it would be much better without it.

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I would like to be the next Nintendo-Handheld almost exactly like the WiiU Gamepad. Maybe a little bit smaller.
But i doubt that they will make the next handheld again with only one screen.
The negative thing about only one screen and no 3D would be no BC for 3DS-Games, but that would be OK for me.

Yes!!! I love the 3d effect of the 3DS. it makes you feel like you're diving into some tiny world.

I think it will. By that time 3D components will be dirt cheap.

The Wii U kept the Wiimote.

I think it's nice to have the option. The next handheld should have two models (if not launched at the same time, one shortly after the other): the XL with bigger screen(s), longer battery life, 3D slider, etc, and a smaller and less expensive model with fewer features. Both should have the same buttons and both must be backwards-compatible with 3DS games, so the console ought to generally support 3D to begin with.