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Forums - Sales Discussion - Prediction: PS4 To Sell 10M WW From July-Jan? - Update Final 9.8M Sold... Who's Your Daddy


How Much Will The PS4 Sell In This Time Period

10 252 38.83%
8M 124 19.11%
7M 99 15.25%
6M 83 12.79%
<6M 90 13.87%



     Being in the 1st week of July we are now halfway through the 2014 year alot of exiting things have occurred in the gaming world in the last 6 months and  more will continue to occur for the remaining year.  there has been alot of debating on here that PS4s exclusive lineup for the year is stale many of those debaters are forgetting titles like LBP3, SingStar, Driveclub and a slew of indie games aswell as most big 3rd partys getting timed DLC on PS4. 

Furthermore many are forgetting that exclusives arent the only thing that sell consoles there are quite a few huge 3rd party games that will release this year that include COD AW, Destiny, and GTA5.  i feel that GTA5s rerelease sales on next gen consoles will surprise all with around 10M sales by years end on PS4Xb1 alone.  Both COD and Destiny should also bring in alot of sales Destiny being a new fresh IP and maybe finally COD AW can rejuvenate the series

E3 being behind us its clear that the PS4 is the "it" console for this year and this gen b/c there was no megatons form either MS or Nintendo to steal any of sonys thunder that it has had since its release of the PS4.  there has also been alot of debating that the PS4 is now entering the doomed category with VGC recent <100k WW weekly sales which is laughable to say the least. 


a quick rundown of my basic mathematical projections for the future of PS4s sales reveals 10M is a high possiblity that PS4 can achieve for the remaining year


July-Sep 2M

Oct 1M

Nov 3m

Dec 4M


Week Sales
7/5/14 147k 
7/12/14 143k
7/19/14 142k
7/26/14 136k
8/2/14 194k
8/9/14 145k
8/16/14 147k
8/23/14 147k
8/30/14 165k
9/6/14 156k
9/13/14 602k
9/20/14 282k
9/27/14 470k
10/5/14 316k
10/11/14 290k
10/18/14 262k
10/25/14 256k
11/1/14 271k
11/8/14 431k
11/15/14 400k
11/22/14 507k
11/29/14 970k
12/6/14 648k
12/13/14 681k
12/20/14 717k
12/27/14 736k
1/3/14 420k
Total 9.781M -219k


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I hope your numbers come true.

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Srry but thats kinda...... Too much. I would of said 14mil-15mil this year was achievable but it sold less than 5mil, its not going to sell 10mil with nothing in 2 months and no huge Exclusives. 2015 is going to be bigger than 2014.

I see PS4 at 15mil-17mil by years end. Still be by far beating X1+wiiu :)

8 Would be pretty good. Really hard to predict the Destiny and other 3rd party games boost.

Also I doubt Sony would be able to deliver that. The Destiny boost will be quite limited by the amount of available bundes.

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hmm.... No

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too high. 6 would already be an achievement.

More than 8,000,000, but less of 9,000,000.

So, an 18m+ install base by the end of the year? Don't think so.

Nope... not gonna happen. I have it pegged at selling no more than 7M for the rest of the year.

Nov-Dec it should be able to do 4.5-5M easy worldwide.
Sept-Oct maybe around 1M-2M.
And from now till september between 800k and 1M worldwide.
So we are looking at a total of around 6M-7M for the rest of the year.
If the PS4 is at or around 8.5-9M now, that will be around 15-16M combined total by the end of the year.

The only way it sells significantly more is if COD, AC, FIFA and Madden all go PS4/XB1 exclusive for this year and release on the PS3/360 around February next year. Then you could increase my nov-dec prediction by 50-70%.

Though unlikely, but if in 2015 both the PS4/XB1 retail for $300 and all the aforementioned big multiplats go exclusive to current gen for that year then sales will be crazy large. Thats not going to happen though, it will probably happen in 2016.

Hmm you know with the kings of casual games (GTA5 and COD:AW) launching this fall, combined with the PS4 being the it console, it just might pull of 10 mil. The you throw in the fact that as the years go by more and more people will begin migrating over to gen 8. We shall see.