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Forums - Sony Discussion - Killzone: Shadow Fall vs Infamous: Second Son - Which has the better graphics (Poll inside)

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Which of them has better graphics?

Killzone: Shadow Fall 65 27.78%
Infamous: Second Son 169 72.22%

Having played both games I think KZ: SF has better lighting and textures, while IF: SS has better character models and much better special effects. But overall I find it difficult to single out one over the other in terms of graphics (gameplay wise IF: SS is far superior). Which do you think looks better?

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Anybody have any thoughts on this?

infamous wins by a landslide in all departments. I just replayed Killzone and i can see lots of low res texture .It was a good looking launch by definetly nowhere close to ISS quality.

I haven't played Killzone yet, but Infamous looked really good and many people I know that have played both have said it's the best looking PS4 game yet.

Infamous SS is more impressive technically as an open world game, however the distance blur makes it less aesthetically pleasing as KZ SF. KZ SF has more jaw dropping moments and a lot more variation, but Infamous is far more consistent in it's visuals with amazing special effects.

After looking through my screenshots of both, I would have to say Infamous SS, so much bloom and lens flare in SF. Some more indoor areas would have been nice though in Infamous.

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It may well just be that I spent far more time playing with Second Son than Shadow Fall, but I found myself quite often very surprised at how much Infamous has improved since the original. It looks like a high end PC game now. Really great use of particle effects and lighting effects. Shadow Fall did a lot of interesting aesthetic things with lighting as well although lots of lens flare and bloom doesn't necessarily equate to next gen lighting even though it does make it feel more cinematic.

Second Son gets my pick; I was surprised to see this level of quality on a first year title.

Second Son wins



Definitely inFamous. The game itself was stunning, the fact it was also open world and had the cleanest image quality of any next gen console game thus far just made it even more impressive (ooooh dat sweet sweet 1080p/SMAA T2x).

That isn't to say Killzone wasn't a great looking game, in-fact in many ways it was more impressive than infamous (the advantage of not being open world), but as an overall package it just doesn't match up. Personally i'd place inFamous as the current king, with Killzone sitting nicely in joint second with Ryse.

Those screenshots made me remember all over again why I had such a blast playing SS, and it wasn't just the visuals which had me standing in front of my HDTV for the close to 20 hours I spent on it. Thumbs up for the photo mode too; it lets players examine the visuals from all angles which would reveal the shortcuts and tricks used by many other games.

Favorite PS4 game to date, although saying "This is the best game I've played on a console over 6 months!" is hardly high praise.

Maybe, "I've considered Infamous a favored franchise since the debut of the original and SS has been the most enjoyable" might be better.

I'm a mega PC elitist and even I'll happily admit that Second Son is one hell of a lush looking game. Sure, KZ is good, but I think doing the dark grit style yet again doesn't help as it will limit its impact straight away.