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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PREDICTION: USA Demand - Xbox One Has More of it Than PS4

I have a prediction, Xbox One has more demand than the PS4. PS4 appears to have a higher demand because of its cheaper price tag. This means the PS4 has a higher QUANTITY DEMANDED. If the Xbox One had a cheaper price tag roughly the same price as the PS4, the Xbox One would have a higher QUANTITY DEMADED than PS4 due to having a higher demand. Mirosoft is smarter by having a $100 higher price tag than the PS4 to reduce consumer surplus and maximize producer surplus (look at Ebay sales). This is just a prediction of course. I bet if you line up $400 PS4 and a $400 Xbox One next Christmas with full stock the Xbox One would outsell it easily ... in the USA/Canada/Mexico/Brazil and maybe in the UK, Australia, New Zealand (you get the point). I do believe both systems will outsell the Wii U 2 to 1 next year. Who agrees?


Edit: For those of you who are trying to derail my thread and don't know High School economics, quantity demanded refers to the change in the amount sold due to price alone. Demand, in this case, would be the reason to buy the systems. Games, multimedia, Xbox Live v. PSN, Kinect, Controller, advertising etc. would affect the demand for the new systems.

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Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

toastboy thread. TAGGED!

Oh dear, this isn't going to end well.

bananaking21 said:
toastboy thread. TAGGED!


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Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Xbox has more demand but PS4 has quantity demand... mmmky... good luck!

It's possible, but there's no way to prove or disprove what you're saying. The only way to quantify demand is by looking at units sold or giving a valid survey asking people if they would like an Xbox or PS4 for equal price. As of now, all we have is units sold.

Are you dropping kinect in this strange situation?

People do pick up whats cheaper on the pocket. however it was not a good idea to be more then PS4, that pushes a lot more people to PS4 just because cost. They need to push down the cost fast.