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Welcome To The NintenDomination Thread!



So, eventually this is where the hot topics will go for the thread (for now, they're just a little bit below this), containing any major news regarding Nintendo, and indeed, in the thread. In the meantime, let's leave this as a short introduction to the thread. 

Basically, if you're familar with threads like this one for Playstation, I'm going to be doing something similar. If you aren't, then this will hopefully grow into a thread where people interested in Nintendo gaming, at any level, can talk freely about anything and everything Nintendo-related without the needless "console wars" going around elsewhere. Consider it a safe haven, if you would. 

In addition, I'll be posting some news here, and I'll be offering incentives for people to do the same whenever they find any in the thread. Anything major I'll link in the main thread for an appropriate level of time, and everything else will be dumped in the second post for, say, a week for ease of access. Sound simple? I hope so, because it really is!


Click here for the current thread poll! Currently it's: Which of the following Super Smash Bros (Wii U) stages should (if any) be banned for our tournies?


Picture of the Week




Key Threads

These are the threads on this site which every self-respecting Nintendo fan on this site should be familiar with. 


Official Nintendo E3 Thread 2014!

The Official Pokemon Thread

Official Pokemon X and Y Thread

Official Smash Bros. Thread

Official Legend Of Zelda Thread

Official 3DS 2014 Thread!

Official Bravely Default Thread!

The Luigi's Mansion 2 Online Play Thread!

Official Sonic Boom Thread!

The Wii U Pact!

The Pokemon League Challenge!

Official Mario Kart 8 Thread!

Official Monster Hunter 4 Thread!

Official Hyrule Warriors FAQ!

Official XCX Thread!


Upcoming Events

Smash Wii U Tourney


Matches (History)

Host Opponent Winner (Score)
Conegamer Cloudman Cloudman (2-0)
Leadified PixelPerfect Leadified (2-0)
b00moscone WhiteEaglePL b00moscone (2-0)
Slarvax Ultrashroomz Ultrashroomz (2-0)
Redgrave MegaOverlord MegaOverlord (2-0)
Platina Episteme Platina (2-0)
Cloudman Leadified Leadified (2-1)
Conegamer PixelPerfect PixelPerfect (2-0)
b00moscone Platina Platina (2-0)
WhiteEaglePL Episteme Episteme (2-1)
Slarvax Redgrave Slarvax (F-F)
Ultrashroomz MegaOverlord Ultrashroomz (2-1)
Conegamer Leadified Leadified (2-0)
PixelPerfect Cloudman PixelPerfect (F-F)
Platina WhiteEaglePL WhiteEaglePL (2-1)
Episteme b00moscone b00moscone (2-0)
Redgrave Ultrashroomz Ultrashroomz (2-0)
MegaOverlord Slarvax Slarvax (2-1)



So how will things work? Well, first things first...


Perhaps I wasn't clear. Let me say it again.


Alright, we on the same page? Have you added your opponent? Good. Next thing to do is for the host to create a room, then the opponent joins that room. The host will select the first stage; which can be any stage of their choice. The matches will be 3 stock, 8 minutes, no items. Upon the conclusion of this match, the loser will decide on a stage and then the same happens. If the score is 1-1 then the opponent selects the final tiebreak stage; but stages may not be repeated. It sounds simple, because it really is. 

What happens after that is up to you guys. Here's the possibilities:


  • The winners progress through and play against another winner in a straight knockout tourney
  • The losers play against each other until there are 8 "winners", then the knockout tourney continues as above
  • The tourney is "split" into three groups of four (provisionally). Each group member plays against each other in a round robin fashion; the top two progress and then the best performing third place competitors make it to complete the 8; with a knockout tourney following thereafter
I'm fine doing any of these. The key is communication with each other. You have your match; you know your opponent, so you are welcome to play them at any time if you're both online. I'll send out wall posts and perhaps a PM to people who signed up but haven't confirmed their interest. Similarly if you wish to join or if I've forgotten you wished to play, then do say. It does happen! I'll add you in, there's not a big issue there. 



That might all be a lot to take in, but rest assured when we get "stuck in" it'll all make sense. Just focus on your match and let me worry about everything else. And be sure to say which format you like the sound of best; we'll stick with that in the future. 4 player matches are not out of the equation after the main tourney is finished; but let's keep it 1v1 for now.

Oh, and most importantly, good luck and have fun!


Mario Kart 8 Ranking Tourney

Next Tourney - 7th March 10:30 GMT

Mario Kart 8 is finally here! To celebrate, how about an official ranked Mario Kart 8 Tourney? It'll follow the same general feel as the Mario Kart 7 Tourneys, put in the tourney code, post in here to show you're ready about 10 minutes before it's due to start, wait for my signal to go in, then it's every man for themselves! If something happens which means you can't take part; don't just "not show", please inform me beforehand so we aren't waiting if at all possible. Repeated missing of the tourneys will mean automatic exclusion from any future tourneys, and your points total to be reset to zero.

Most important thing as usual is to have fun, this will be a weekly thing and the performance in this tourney will go towards the official rankings in the Mario Kart 8 thread. So try your best!

Please be here about 10-15 minutes before the tourney is due to start. Post here when you're online and ready to go, then at the start time the group leaders (Ultra for Group 1, myself for Group 2) will enter and post. It is imperative that you then enter the tourney promptly thereafter, but not before. Odds are on that we will enter on exactly the hour; but do check before entering (even if it means lots of refreshing!)

There should be 9 people in each group (see below). After the eight races, the best six from each group will move onto the "Finals" tourney. Here, there will be five more races to decide the ultimate VGC champion, so try your best! The whole thing should last approximately an hour.

Please if you wish to join, say so ASAP!

Also if needs be, my NNID is Conegamer for those of you yet to add me.


1st place - 40 points, 4 stars

2nd place - 20 points, 3 stars

3rd place - 15 points, 2 stars

4th place- 10 points, 1 star

Competitor- 5 points



Pokemon X/Y Tourney

Next Event: Retired

So Pokemon X and Y have been out for quite a while it's about time we have a proper competiton! It's quite simple, really. Just say in the thread that you want to join, along with your friend code (just to first time, I'll save them here after!) and I'll add you to the OP. For this firrst tourney, we'll be doing a round-robin event. Namely, that means everyone will play everyone else, so it should be a level playing field as opposed to what would eventually be the two best players fighting each other straight away. Then, the top 4 or so people (depending on how many people take part, this number could change) will progress further, and the person who won the most will play the person who won the least (who get through, so 4th) and so on, and then the winners here will play each other for overall victory! 

Sounds simple, right? Here's some pretty basic restrictions, which are changable if people don't like it. Note however that, if you break one of these rules, you will be immediately removed from the tourney, not allowed to play in future tourneys, and your points total will be reset to zero. So please follow them!


  • ALL Pokemon are Level 50

  • Banned List:

  • Arceus
  • Blaziken
  • Darkrai
  • Deoxys
  • Deoxys-A
  • Dialga
  • Genesect
  • Giratina
  • Giratina-O
  • Groudon
  • Ho-Oh
  • Kyogre
  • Kyurem-W
  • Lugia
  • Mewtwo
  • Palkia
  • Rayquaza
  • Reshiram
  • Shaymin-S
  • Xerneas
  • Yveltal
  • Zekrom

  • Banned Items:
    • Gengarite
    • Kangaskhanite
    • Lucarionite

  • Six Pokemon each, you can't change these Pokemon after you start the tourney.


User            Friend Code Number   
Conegamer 3823 8608 4015 1
lestatdark 4468 2287 0965 2
_crazy_man_ 3969 4633 0700 3
Einsam_Delphin* 0731 5734 9143 4
Squeezol 0087-2288-2660 5
ktay95 3952 7166 8116 6
Lelouch_Vi_Brittania 1633 4322 4375 7
tbone51 1306 5037 7692 8
BiffAtlas 3007 8091 3200 9
aikohualda 1993-7310-9059 10




1st- 35 coins, 4 stars

2nd- 25 coins, 3 stars

3rd- 15 coins, 2 stars

4th- 10 coins, 1 star

Battle won- 5 coins

Battle lost- 2 coins


This tournament will be all the better the more people that take part, and it's open to trainers of every ability. So, good luck to everyone!




Next Event: TBA


To join, merely post in the thread and be online approximately 15 minutes before the tourney is set to begin. You don't need to know any friend codes, merely the community which you will be in for the races! If there are more than 6 entrants, then we will split into 2 groups (Group 1 and Group 2). The top three from these two groups will go forward into the final, where you race the best the site has to offer! If there are 6 or fewer people, then everyone goes straight into the finals! 

The tourney will take place if 5 or more people are willing to take part. If not, then it shall be delayed until the following Sunday, where I shall renegotiate timings. 



Here are the players this week with the groups:

User Group
Conegamer 55-8388-9137-0413
Einsam_Delphin 18-3094-6713-8001
Slarvax 55-8388-9137-0413
Lestatdark 18-3094-6713-8001
TheKingOfRedLions 55-8388-9137-0413
BiffAtlas 18-3094-6713-8001
RobDX 55-8388-9137-0413
Dand 18-3094-6713-8001
Spurgeonryan 55-8388-9137-0413
MohammadBadir 18-3094-6713-8001


1st- 25 Coins, 3 Stars

2nd- 15 Coins, 2 Stars

3rd- 10 Coins, 1 Star

4th or below- 3 Coins


Other communities

VGC Finals- 19-3917-9889-6578 (Go here if you finish 3rd or above, or if there are 6 or fewer participants)

VGC Practice- 29-9703-0334-6761 (Go here to polish up your skills, either before or after the tourneys!)


And most importantly, good luck to everyone, and have fun!






Captain: Conegamer

Vice Captain: TBone51

Commander 1: Wright

Commander 2: green_sky

Lieutenants: Salnax, JoeTheBro (AKA "The King"), IsawYoshi, Moreoningrato

Mistress: Anfebious

Janitor: POE


Specific Titles:

Ruler Of The (Mushroom) Kingdom:

Defender Of Hyrule: S.Peelman

King Of Kongs:

Lord Of Kirby: BasilZero

Metroid Maniac: MohammadBadir

Master Of The Pikmin Race: Slarvax  

God Of Xenoblade: Conegamer


Trainer Of The Endless Ocean: IsawYoshi

NintendoMoney: Vinniegambini

Prince of Handhelds: Radishhead

Princess of Home Consoles: spurgeonnintendoryan

Sony Ambassador: brendude13







Conegamer: Conegamer

Slarvax: Slarvax

IsawYoshi: IsawYoshi

TheKingofRedLions: Omega_Pirate

RavenXtra: Kletain

Salnax: Salnax

green_sky: Vakaromee

Anfebious: Anfebious


Friend Codes:

Coming Soon!




Here's the current breakdown of how to earn points (coins). Criticisms and adjustments will be welcomed:


The point list can be viewed here.

Legacy points list


1 coin:       Newbie

10 coins:   Recruit (Title)

25 coins:   Loyalist (Title, ability to change the poll in the thread)

50 coins:   Veteran (Title, ability to create your own title)

100 coins: Defender (Title, places your name in the OP as such)

150 coins: Hero (Title, allows you to add in anything of your choice into the OP)

250 coins: Champion (Title, allows you to create your own events)


In addition to these rewards, every 50 coins nets you an extra star! 

The Star System is currently on haitus, stay tuned!

I hope that all makes sense. Any questions, just ask!



Defenders of NintenDomination

Consider this a "hall of fame" of the greatest users in the thread. They shall forever have their names and profile pictures (accurate at the time of the addition to the hall of fame) here in this thread. If you want in, you need to get 100 coins in the thread. That's no mean feat, so only the best users come here!

Every single user on this list has made a massive contribution to this thread; and I would be unable to do it without them. So, I thank you all deeply for your assistance! Without further ado, here are the Defenders of NintenDomination:






































Now, enjoy!



Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

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 Pokemon Hot Topics

One of the rewards should be a real cookie. I would really like one.

"I've Underestimated the Horse Power from Mario Kart 8, I'll Never Doubt the WiiU's Engine Again"

I like nintendomination

News Dump


  • Bravely Default Out Now (in America...)! (Reviews)
  • Sonic Boom Announced For Wii U And 3DS! (Source)
  • Monster Hunter 4G Hitting 3DS! (Source)
  • New Shovel Knight Trailer (Source)
  • Zelda reviews are out, looking extremely positive, sitting at 91 on Metacritic (Source)
  • The upcoming Kirby game will be called Kirby Triple Deluxe (Source)
  • Nintendo have bought stock in mobile giant Dwango, raising share prices (Source)
  • There will be a Super Mario Galaxy stage in SSB (Source)
  • Super Mario 3D World footage reveals a musical side (Source)
  • Wii Fit U Delayed in Europe (Source)
  • Nintendo have revealed a new batch of Super Mario 3D World screenshots (Source)
  • A Link Between Worlds "Looks Like Crap, Plays Like A Dream" (Source)
  • A new Pokerap has been released, with every Pokemon involved (Source)
  • Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy is out now in Europe! (Reviews)
  • Pokemon Director wants next gen to be simper (Source)
  • Ubisoft have recently debunked the rumour that they'll be discontinuing Nintendo Support (Source)
  • A new IronFall tech demo has been released, and it looks pretty snazzy (Source)


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

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Change the name! Give cookies!

Yay :D

Nintendomination +1


Basil's YouTube Channel


I could be a Commander.


I like Nintendomination. It fits. Unless you want something pretty lackuster, such as Ninty4life<3


Rewards can be given in form of Stars. At a certain # of stars, you unlock cool things.

Sons and daughters of Nintendo, our destiny beckons. Stand with your brothers and sisters, stand with me, and together we will be undefeated. The past is Wii, the present is Wii U, and the future... the future is whatever the next console's name will be!

Sons and daughters of Nintendo, the path toward a better tomorrow stretches out before us. Toward a future that is golden and eternal. But our journey together must cross a wilderness of hatred and bigotry, a landscape of lies seeded by the venom of our old enemy. Our foe knows us. He fears us. But we must not underestimate him. Sony, while they cower and snipe from beneath their veneer of power and free PSN games, are soulless and hollow. They make their pithy, mewling claims of next gen and 1080P, and all the while, they look upon the face of Nintendo with loathing and disgust.

They see us as abominations, casuals, nostalgic fools fit only for mocking. To the foe we are less than gamers, but they will learn their mistake, my people. We will show them the buttons and analog sticks beneath Nintendo's Controllers. We shall cast them against the unbreakable rock of our collective will and low failure rate hardware. We will make them realize the truth that the children of Nintendo know in their hearts: that our company, the Nintendo nation, is the next step in the evolution of gamer-kind.

When we came to Vgchartz during the GC days we were lost, a broken collection of exiles on the verge of death. At first we thought our new world would poison and destroy us beneath their powerful hardware. How wrong we were. Nintendo saw what was in every one of us, our strength and our indestructible spirit, and made it manifest. The great change was the rebirth of our people. A people fit to stride the sales charts and shatter our enemies' "HD gaming."

Sons and daughters of Nintendo, you are the embodiment of that glorious legacy, the inheritors of the victory that we fight for every day. You alone are fit to forge the future and the destiny of our gaming species. History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid. We shall not suffer the irresolute and spineless gamers of Sony to dictate our path! When you granted Conegamer the privilege of your leadership, he willingly sacrificed myself to the engine of our nation. His only goal to bring our people the absolute and deserved mastery of their destiny.

May he be humbled by the magnificent example that our people have set. The forum workers and thread artisans among you who toil and ask not for a claim, but accept the honor of your leaders. The forum soldiers and console warriors who burn with cold fire and unyielding resolve never flinching before the controllers and cutting edge hardware of our adversaries. The ROLs and t-bones who hold the very soul of our people in their hands, shielding it from the lies of the treacherous and disloyal. You seek reward in service alone. Each of you shares in the greatest glory of them all. You are the true Nintendo...nians! Ruthless to those who oppose us, masters of those we defeat, unflinching in the face of adversity.

I pity all those who do not stand beneath our banner, for they will never know the touch of gaming greatness as we do. And yet, there are some among our community who do not march with us (You know who you are). Voices raised in dissent and opposition. Soft minds that take the words of Sony for truth! To those who bear the seeds of rebellion in their hearts and question the way of Nintendo, I say this: Would you have us embrace the very thing that rejected us? Would you make us lay down our controllers and surrender our consoles, stark naked before a force that wishes only death for us? Peace is something we all desire, but Sony would make it the peace of the grave! Shattering our nation's spirit and burning us to ashes!

Beware the puppets amongst us, sons and daughters of Nintendo! Know them, and spite them! Give them no succor or shelter! If any one of you doubts the fidelity of another, be it someone on your friendlist, a veteran or a new member, speak! It is our sworn duty to isolate and re-educate these misguided souls. To bring them back to our fold. Expunge their weakness for the greater good! Our victory is imminent. With our hearts tempered in the fires of the console war we strive forward and take the fight to the foe.

Let us never forget the duty that we have taken upon ourselves. Our enemy is tenacious and bold. Sony dared to turn their hardware upon that which we hold dearest. Our consoles, our games, our... Nintendo! This will not go unpunished. This criminal act unleashed the whirlwind of our wrath! Our controllers never tire, and we will beat  back the foe! Send them... running!

The path we have chosen is not an easy one. Struggle is the father of all things and true virtue lies in forum battles. But we will not tire, we will not falter, we will not fail! We will leave luck to Heaven! In the purchases of our warriors comes the price we must pay. This alone moves the wheels of history. And we will be resolute! We will fear no sacrifice and surmount every difficulty to win our just triumph!

Wright said:

I could be a Commander.


I like Nintendomination. It fits. Unless you want something pretty lackuster, such as Ninty4life<3


Rewards can be given in form of Stars. At a certain # of stars, you unlock cool things.

Don't worry about rewards we will get cookies when we master internet teleportation!

"I've Underestimated the Horse Power from Mario Kart 8, I'll Never Doubt the WiiU's Engine Again"