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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What are the most expensive Nintendo published games ever made?

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How much would be the developmental cost?

10 million? 8 50.00%
11 million? 0 0%
12 million? 1 6.25%
13 million? 1 6.25%
14 million? 0 0%
15 million? 1 6.25%
more than above 5 31.25%

When I hear expensive multi-million games, I always hear them being produced by third party developers like Rockstar or Square Enix. But I never hear news from Nintendo stating (or bragging?) how much their games costs. As a curious Nintendo fan, I wanted to know more but thought I ask you guys.

So what are the most expensive games from Nintendo, and how much do they cost? Or is it even possible to know? In that case, what do you think are the most expensive Nintendo games made?

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I dont kno the list but i think LoZ skyward Sword was, but now this new LoZ will hold the record (wiiu)

Nintendo games seem to always be cheap to make. I bet Skyward Sword cost not much more than 10 million to make.

But I mean The Witcher 2 only costs 14 million to make.

I never understand how you hear about games costing 50, 100 million or some shit.
Just wasting resources.

tbone51 said:
I dont kno the list but i think LoZ skyward Sword was, but now this new LoZ will hold the record (wiiu)

I think it is too due to the game having to be remade for another art style. Has Nintendo ever publicly state how much the game cost?

Super Mario Galaxy and Zelda: Skyward Sword are often noted as being the largest productions that Nintendo has ever undertaken.

I don't think they've spent more than $15 million on any development currently released...and maybe no higher than $12 million.

Development marketing budgets included.

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Now that Nintendo is making HD games their costs will go up.

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Zelda U is confirmed to have the largest production team of any Nintendo game in history, I could only imagine its costs would be the highest too.

I reckon that Zelda for Wii U development/production cost will be 45 million dollars without advertising/marketing and if we include advertising/marketing then I think it would be at least 60 million dollars and trough its lifetime of Wii U 5+ years. At best it will sell 10 million copies and gross 400 million dollars of profit.

I don't think they are that cheap really to make, quality is expensive

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I have a feeling that Bayonetta 2 and Zelda U will be battling for the crown. And Zelda U will handily win.

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