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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Konami unveils LA studio, 'instrumental' to Metal Gear Solid games

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Konami opened a new, Los Angeles-based branch of Kojima Productions today, expanding the sphere of mad scientist/game developer Hideo Kojima's influence to the shores of North America. The new studio, appropriately named Kojima Productions Los Angeles, will be "instrumental" to the development of a variety of games, but mostly the Metal Gear Solid series.

"Los Angeles is ground zero for the best studios, facilities and world-class talent, we are leaning on these local resources to build an incredible team to create gaming experiences that are just as compelling as any film or television show," Kojima said.

Kojima Productions LA will also be in charge of Metal Gear Solid 5's online multiplayer. Kojima recently told Joystiq during a MGS5 preview that he wants the Japan-based branch and LA-based branch to "kind of compete, but kinda co-operate and work together to form the true form of Kojima Productions." Kojima declined to say if said "true form" will be a giant robot dinosaur.



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