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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is so good about Turn-based battle system? (FF XV)

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There is no denying that I am a big fan of Final Fantasy XV/ Versus ( actually I am biggest ), It has been like that since the day I have re-found gaming as a hobby thanks to it back in 2009. There is also no denying the fan base of Final Fantasy is very conflicted, every FF since VII has got its share of passionate love and devastating hate. Only a few fans *ahm* tried to play each title without a pre-set  opinion based on how much they liked/hated the previous   ones. Most people hate change, fact.

Final Fantasy XV received  positive feed back upon reveal (crazy positive), it didn't take long before people started to complain about the main thing that the game is trying to achieve, being an action-RPG, where real-time battles take place in open environments that are full of intractable elements and destructible objects. People complain that the battle system is not turn based and therefore, XV doesn't feel like a FF game.

For me, Turn-based has only existed because of the hardware limitations. Real time battle system with strategic elements does feel like a natural progress, after all, XV does have a commands list, and some commands like wrapping has limited usage.

So, what is so good about turn based battle system that you want it to stick around?

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VXIII said:

So, what is so good about turn based battle system that you want it to stick around?

Turn-based battle system, if done well, is far more satisfying and challenging (In my opinion). But I don't hate change. I'm cool with this new real time action-RPG thing.

Turn-based battling is traditional, challenging and fun. It's also a dying breed right now.

I must say that I am one of those people who would rather see Final Fantasy go back to a turn-based system, or perhaps something like that seen in Xenoblade. However, I'm still willing to give this a chance.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

I don't much care for turn based RPGs personally. Some games do it well, and it's great (Legend of Dragoon), but most of the time I find it boring.

I recently picked up FFXIII, played to the beginning of disc 4....and just stopped. I can describe it in three words. Style over substance. Everything looks flashy and cool, but there's really very little meat on this game's bones. I can play through the combat blindfolded.

Turn base for me can be fun and challenging, if done right. Like with Grandia (turn base meter), Suikoden (6 party members) and Final Fantasy X (which I feel had the best turn base system).

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Nothing, I find it's archaic, stiff, and boring. I want to feel like I'm in direct control, not doing untimed QTEs.

I feel it should have remained as a spin off and leave the turn based combat for FF main games. I know why they changed the name and all I just dont really agree with it :/ but im def getting this game day one and I will be buying the biggest most expensive version available

It separates itself from western rpg's

I like turn based and the style that Kingdom Hearts uses. So Final Fantasy XV will be great regardless IMO.

007BondAgent said:
It separates itself from western rpg's

I don't think anyone would mistake XV as a western rpg, it still has its identity. I personally realy dislike most of the WRPGs, I find them .. soulless, if you know what I mean.