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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I knew I was ready for next-gen when........

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2011... Battlefield 3 was all the hype. I was sick of COD. I wanted to try a new FPS. The trailers looked great. 


But then the actual game came out. It looked nothing like the gameplay trailers, which were shown running on PCs. BF3 looked bland on honestly, not very good on consoles.

Then I played the multiplayer and it just wasnt what it shouldve been, due to the limited 32 player battles on maps that were built for 64 players. The maps felt empty and boring... though I'm sure they were great on PC with double the player count. 


Uncharted 3 came out around the same time as BF3. Uncharted 2 was a HUGE upgrade over the first Uncharted. I was expecting U3 to see some major improvements, but the graphics were pretty much the same as U2. The fire effects and the sand looked great, but the rest of the graphics were barely distinguishable from U2. 


I knew I was ready for next-gen in 2011..... I can't wait for the PS4 this holiday season!!!


When did you know you were ready for next-gen?

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I've known for awhile too, I have no specific year though. I just want time to hurry up, then it can feel free to slow back down once we have our new consoles!!

I can't wait for the PS4 to. I was ready for next gen when all we keep getting are sequels 3,4,5 etc... or in the case of Assassins Creed I, II, Brotherhood, Revelations, III, IV.

You made that decision after a game on the PC looked better than the same game on the PS3?

Why not just buy a PC then?

I knew I was ready when I only used my console for netflix....

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For a while. Can't put a specific game that aroused the feeling, or a period when it happened, but I can say I hit a point where I wasn't as impressed as before. Granted some games still impress me on some levels - like KZ2. I've been feeling like how I felt when I had my PS2 back in 04. No matter what came, it just felt stale to me. I'm hoping to get that feeling I got when I first saw Gear of War on the 360 years ago.

I really would like to see complex AI. A lot of games these days have crappy AI. Visuals are nice, but I want better AI and a more believable world. They promised that to us last gen, with descriptions that sound like what they're promising to give us next gen.

fordy said:
You made that decision after a game on the PC looked better than the same game on the PS3?

Why not just buy a PC then?

Ah, everyone's a comedian. 


I knew it would look better on PC.... but the difference was much bigger than I thought. the lack of 64 players in MP ruined it for me. And U3 barely being an upgrade over U3 showed that current-gen was pretty much maxed out

I'm not ready. Each year there are less and less games that I want to play.

I read reviews about masterpieces and must have games that only disappoint me.

Sadly, the kind of game I like isn't what the industry is making anymore. I don't care about blockbusters, I don't care about "deep and cinematic" games with boring repetitive gameplay, I just like to play and have fun with that.

WiiU will be my saviour. Never thought I would say this one day.

Im not ready yet, there are awesome games still releasing for ps360, this year and the next

I finally found someone else who was ready for next gen in 2011 as well. It was that year that gaming as a whole started to boring and bland, only it took L.A. Noire, Dead Island, and Skyrim for me to see that.