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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Why does XB One cost less in North America then in Europe?

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I noticed that when MS announced the XB One, they announced it at a retail of $500 USD, $500 Euro, $430 Pounds.

However 500 Euro is $661.70
Also...... 430 Pounds is $668.87

Why is Microsoft releasing the One for $160-$170 more in Europe then North America?


Edit: Okay taxes, I don't know how much taxes are in USA, but in Ontario Canada they are 13%. That means that the One costs $565 here....It's still noticably more expensive in Euro

P.S. I also noticed no Yen price. Is this system releasing in Japan this year? at all?

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- Sales Tax / VAT included
- Better consumer protection (1 year guaranteed warranty)
- Higher import duties
- Higher retailer margins

US prices don't include taxes ! (well vats are much much lower in USA aswell)

Because for electronic companies EUR = USD. Every device uses the same equivalent currency conversion.

Nothing new.

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430 GP !!!!!!!!!

For a device that wont launch with half its features in the UK.

Fuck me that's a big ask !

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Government greed :(

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It's always like that and US residents have a higher buying power than the Europeans when it comes to the xbox brand that's why it's cheaper there also I expect that thing to be 550$+ here in Canada

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Wow it will cost more then the PS3 did in UK! Official Playstation Vita Thread! Come in and join!!!

average tax in europe is around 20%. that alone makes it much more expensive

+a lot of other smaller extra costs.

in the end, microsoft will maybe make more money in usa as in europe per sold console.