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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Xbox One, PS4 box art revealed?

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The official Battlefield 4 website (via Kotaku) has posted what appears to be Xbox One and PlayStation 4 box art designs.

It is possible that the images in question are mock-ups made by Electronic Arts, as neither Microsoft nor Sony have released official designs of yet.

If the images are indeed genuine, it means Microsoft is carrying over its familiar green-hued design, while Sony is shifting to a new blue theme similar to its PlayStation Vita line.

The Xbox One and PS4 are due out later this year, though pricing information and specific release dates have not been divulged.

Source: Gamespot

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They're pretty similar... =/

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Furthermore, I think VGChartz should add a "Like"-button.

I actually really like the Xbox One boxart.

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I can see more details on One's cover art => superior version! :)

Does Microsoft's deal with EA give them exclusive complete versions of box arts?

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both are ugly. i prefer the ps4 one because i like blue and i dislike green. still, i cant say either are awesome

Theplaystation 4 one reminds me of the old PS2 boxes. It seems bigger than the Xbox one, wich looks like the PS3 ones.
But, we cant really tell with those pictures because they are out of any context. It might be one is more zoomed in than the other.

Oh man really, this looks so badly shopped...

Both are boring (too plain). Also, the Battlefield image is pretty bad. Not kill-it-with-fire-bad but boring.

This makes me wonder if consumers will get confused by the Xbox "One"'s name. Won't they think it's for previous gen if it's number one?