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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox 720 will outsell PS4 and Wii-U. Kinect 2.0 will be Killer App - Opinion Piece.

With all the next-gen news blitz, I completely forgot about the importance of Kinect 2.0.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I think Kinect 2.0 will be the killer App for Xbox 720 and propel the Xbox 720 above PS4 and Wii-U.

1. Kinect will make even multiplatform games better on Xbox 720.

Kinect 2.0 will come packed in with every Xbox 720, so developers will feel comfortable to use Kinect in all of there games if they choose.

Voice commands, instead of using the standard controller for every input (Real Time Strategy Games) (As well as RPGs with multiple spells) Example instead of going to the menu to find a specific item you can just say the item and then you can use it. Gestures in Squad based games and so on. There are many things you can do with voice recognition and Gestures with Kinect 2.0

2. Kinect will work alongside the standard gaming controller.

Kinect 2.0 doesn't need to take the standard controller for every game (A boxing game for instance would be perfect for Kinect 2.0 as you would be the boxer, games where you can use your whole body will be perfect.

First Person Shooters I would still want to use the standard controller and Kinect 2.0 can complement those games. Example. Say you want to switch to another weapon you can just say rocket launcher or grenade and the character will just pick that weapon instead of you having to press a button to switch to that weapon. You can also use gestures as well for other in-game commands (such as throwing the grenade in a game), You can throw the grenade in the direction you choose without the need to aim with the analog stick.

3.Younger gamers will be attracted to Kinect 2.0 resulting in toy-like sales (millions upon millions of units) for Xbox 720.

From voice commands to full body gestures Kinect 2.0 can be a teaching tool and a fun device for younger gamers. These games will not appeal to the hardcore, but they will appeal to parents who want to give there kids something fun. (From Barney and Mickey to Sesame Street) The possibilities are endless.

4.A hardcore game using only Kinect 2.0 could be an industry changing experience.

Ryse might be the first game to do this for the hardcore market full body controls, Incredible Graphics, fast responsive gameplay, and voice controllers to control and lead your army. These are the possibilities I see with Ryse.

5.You can only experience Kinect 2.0 on Xbox 720.

I know I am stating the obvious, but if Kinect 2.0 was available for PS4 and Wii-U, then Xbox 720 would not have that advantage.

There is also the Entertainment experience, which I think while cool won't be a compelling enough reason by itself to buy an Xbox 720.

Throw away that remote. Voice commands is all you need. The New Dashboard will be easier to navigate because you don't have to search for what you want, just say it, if you want to watch tv, just say it, if you want to change the channel just say it, turn the volume up and down, just say it. Want to find a specific movie, just say it. Want to chat on skype just say it or browse the web just say it.

Now all these features might not be there on day one, but alot of the features we see on Xbox 360 wasn't there on day one either.

Kinect Video, E3 2010, watch this again and think of the possibilities:

This is not just marketing, I think this will be true of the Xbox 720. 



Kinect 2.0 will bring more innovation than this Wii-U Controller. 

Kinect 2.0 will be far more capable than this PS4 Camera.


Kinect for Xbox 360 I think was just a test run, Kinect 2.0 will be the real deal. With all of this I hope some of you can see why I am so excited about Xbox 720.


What do you guys think? Will Kinect 2.0 be the killer app for Xbox 720?

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Jega said:

What do you guys think? Is Kinect 2.0 the killer app for Xbox 720?

Sure bro :)

I just heard another rumor, that xbox live might be renamed Xbox Life.

I like it.

I think Kinect is great for the casual audience and surely will attract people. I also think Sony is trying to mimic Kinect so they can do the same thing. It will just expand on the hardcore audience for both. Not a bad thing like people make it out to be, although personally I don't care for them. Hey maybe they will do something that I like but as of right now I dont care for them that is.

Not sure if serious... someone insert that joker pic, please.

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I don't really care for Kinect either. I must say though I've barely tried it and that for me is half the problem. I think there could be a good possibility of me actually enjoying it and liking it's features like I do with SmartGlass. I guess when I get the nexbox, (hopefully day 1) I'll find out then. It will still attract casuals like crazy but not quite as good as it has the passed gen. It might get bigger with the larger install base it will have with the xfinity though and such get pushed harder with bigger and better games.

So, I don't know. LOL!

I'm going to go ahead and assume this topic is a joke.

If not, well...

They will have to surpass that barrier of uncanny-ness if this is going to work. Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

Xbox 720 is the new Wii!

Otakumegane said:

They will have to surpass that barrier of uncanny-ness if this is going to work.

Interesting video.  This would help though.  If you haven't seen this video already.