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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Wow, doesn't the Army of Two Double or Nothing music video REALLY make you want to get the game?

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Does a music video get you to buy a videogame?

Yes. 1 8.33%
No. 11 91.67%

I gotta love videogame industry marketing.  I guess the idea now is, "Let's crank out a music video and pay to have it all over the place!  We are GUARANTEED to get sales. And we MUST put hiphop artists in the game, because that is what the gamers want!"

Feel free to embed something on here.  This is ad that keeps running in youtube (well one of them):

I know this worked wonders having 50 Cent in the game.  So, how many people here are going to get the latest Army of Two game because EA did a music video for the game?

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Guess the lack of comments in this thread is an answer indeed...

50 cent is in the game? haha, give that guy a couple of cents and he'll bend over to anything, he seriously live up to his name.

edit : that isn't 50 cent, but my point still stands, 50 cent is the definition of a sell out "artist" 

Loved the first two games, but this one just isnt looking good,imo. This music video makes me not wantit even more.

Wright said:
Guess the lack of comments in this thread is an answer indeed...

Comments incoming....

Looks like you broke the ice.

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Are there any reviews out there? I'm playing to get the game cause I liked the first 2 games (great fun in co-op)
as for the music I think a lot of Big Boi fans will at least take a look at the game which is the purpose of these kinda stuff..


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