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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Do you like the new final fantasy 13 - 3 Lightning design ?

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do you like it?

yes 26 32.10%
no 24 29.63%
I am finalfantasy 13 hater and this sucks :( 10 12.35%
I want ff vs 13 21 25.93%


I think its great.


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I like it, it makes her look kind of like an ass-kicker. To be fair, though, she would look fantastic in anything.

I think it's stupid.

Wtf! I don't like it at all. Sqaure Enix never fails to disappoint.

That looks retarded I am sorry.

The first two games her appearance was fine but now they are trying too hard on the "bad ass" look. They are trying to milk her as if she is the male equivalent of Cloud, imo that will ruin her character (it was perfect as is in the first game - not so sure about the 2nd one).


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It doesn't show enough skin.

There's too much going on. I don't like it

Much better than in FFXIII-2.

I like it but still not buying the game. I want Versus not anymore stupid sequels.

Needs more pockets.