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Forums - Sales Discussion - March NPD - X360 #1 371k, PS3 337k, Wii 175k

VGC Estimates

X360 - 312k~
PS3 - 235k~
Wii - 177k~
3DS - 250k~
Vita - 166k~

Last month NPD Results


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This will be interesting. It could a doom thread or a happy thread. XD

Lets just hope VGC under-tracked everything by a lot =p

See you then !

Those threads are always painful.

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Can't wait to see them, hopefully the actually results aren't as bad as some predict.

I'm not getting my hopes up though...

Looking at Vita, Wii for an increase, and 360 + 3DS for a decrease (in order of most extreme-ness :P)

I think PS3 is about right.



Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

How Vita fared on it's first NPD? Was it over/under tracked in any form? I can't remember

you mean massive amounts of: Sony is DOOMED! in 9 hours