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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Blockbuster holding Kinect Star Wars midnight launch event, GAME also stocking the Limited Edition Star Wars Xbox 360

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GAME might be stocking Microsoft titles again, but it's Blockbuster that's holding a midnight launch event for the release of Kinect Star Wars.

Taking place next Tuesday at the company's Clapham High Street store, the first five people in the queue will receive Star Wars Limited Edition Xbox 360 consoles and the next 45 Star Wars Blu-ray box sets, as long as they buy the new game for £29.99 in-store.

Kinect Star Wars promises to let "you unleash your inner Jedi with no controller in the way", across single, co-op, competitive and duel modes. Check out the cheesy launch trailer here.


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Midnight Launch for this? People are actually willing to queue overnight for this?

PS One/2/p/3slim/Vita owner. I survived the Apocalyps3/Collaps3 and all I got was this lousy signature.

Xbox One: What are you doing Dave?

Blockbuster has been gone here for a while, too bad I can't queue up. /sarcasm

I once made the mistake of flying to NY for the opening of Star wars Phantom Menace, I was young and naive.
Lucky for us The Matrix was playing too, not a total waste.

The Joypads

That’s right, over 200 GAME stores will be stocking the Limited Edition Star Wars Kinect Xbox 360 this Tuesday. It’s great to finally post some good news, and hopefully shows people that GAME are still a force on the UK high street for videogames.

If you agreed to join up to the GAME newsletter, then you would of received a recent newsletter regarding their situation, offers and stocking the Star Wars Xbox 360.

Not only are they stocking the Limited Edition Star Wars Kinect Xbox 360, but also doing a trade-in offer for the Star Wars Kinect game.

I'd really like to get one but the console is way too expensive, it should be $150 cheaper.

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Never knew it was £350...

It's a nice looking console, but that's just way too much. The game looks like its gonna be arsehole, so it's a right offput.