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Forums - Sony Discussion - Insomniac Games drops Playstation exclusive franchise: Resistance

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That's according to CEO Ted Price, who told VG247: "We won't be making any more Resistances."


The studio's clearly keen to move on then, even if Insomniac writer Jon Paquette believes there's more to come from the Resistance universe. "I think it's still fertile ground," he told us last September as Resistance 3 released, pointing towards upcoming Vita title Resistance: Burning Skies, which was handled by Nihilistic Software.

So while Insomniac continues its journey towards multiplatform development, something Sony has admitted isn't ideal, that doesn't mean the platform holder won't be releasing more games based on the Resistance IP.

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Expected after those resistance 3 sales, but it's a shame, I really love resistance.

A pity but I dont think sony will drop this IP. With the Vita game, its a reasonable franchise even if R3 didnt do so well on the ps3.

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Damn dizel =(


Posted already.

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BasilZero said:

(Even though its mentioned before and I made a post about it differently)

Wondering if they would do what they did with Spyro?

They didn't do anything with Spyro. They never owned the IP, so when their contract with Universal for 3 games was up, they moved on. Essentially they are doing what they did with Spyro, as Sony owns the IP and will continue making games thru other developpers. 

Its amazing the image of insomniac. They released Resistance 1 as probably the best launch title for PS3. It innovated and really changed the landscape of games.. to some degree.
Then R2 comes out, and to me it was the single largest disappointment of this generation.

Insomniac needs to go back to square 1 and find the passion for game design which they clearly have lost. Best of luck to them, but their next multiplat coop game looks pretty meh to me so far.

Its all just so sad really. You know insomniac was looking around at Guerilla and Naughty Dog and going "wtf? why are we being ignored?" and I know everyone has different opinions, but Insomniac games became increasingly overlooked because of poor quality in comparison to the other games out there. Generic, un-inventive, B-movie styling in resistance.
And Ratchet? A great series but not a genre which can pull big numbers in the current market.

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They should let Guriella (SP?) alternate between Killzone and Resistance


Yeah old news, but still a pity. Many questions have been left unanswered. While Resistance 3 was a step up gameplay wise, it was a big dissapointment story wise.

Sony should sell the Resistance IP to Activision or maybe EA.
It can't get any worse. It's already a bad COD clone.(the online portion)