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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rayman Origins Wii... Is it as good as the HD versions?

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Okay, so basically, I've been interested in Rayman for a while now, and I think now that it is pretty cheap, I'll get it.

However, I don't want to buy a Wii game only to find out it is 1/4th of the HD version, so here are my key questions.

1. Does the Wii version have the same ammount of levels and modes as the HD vesion?

2. VERY IMPORTANT. Does the Wii version have a stable framerate?

3. I know the graphics won't be as good, but does it look good for Wii?

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Haven't played it on Wii but I'd say it's the same except for the resolution.
It wouldn't have such a Metascore if it wasn't as good (over 90 due to less reviews than the HD versions)

Don't see why it would be any different other than graphics (which for this sort of game isn't massively lower)


The only differences are a lower resolution and the lack of trophies/achievements. The latter is only of relevance for the hardest to unlock level, because if you beat it on Wii, you get nothing, except another absolutely worthless credits roll.

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Buy it moreno, buy it!

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You can buy it for the Wii or wait for the 3DS version o.o. Other than that its just graphics and resolution.


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Machina said:
Buy it moreno, buy it!

Now, I just don't feel like buying it anymore

Okay, I'm glad my money will be worth it.

I'm torn between buying it now and waiting for the 3DS version......but I'll probably buy it now. I have no patience for these things.

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The game look the same to me. I have it but just lower resolution and lighting effect. The game doesn't seem to have less level and it great game.

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I haven't played the high def versions, but I can tell you that the Wii version is a very good game. I personally like it better than the Kirby games for the Wii and it's a lot cheaper.

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